Makin Moves Presents French Montana - That Next New N*gga


01.Franknino Intro
02.Blaksmif Clones
03. French,Max B, Lloyd Banks-Not Trying To Go Home
04.French-What It Is (World Premiere)
05.French,Max B- Born And Raised(New Verses)
06.French, Bynoe,Skyhigh- Test Me
07.French,Fergie, Max B- Ct Bitchs
08.French- Purple Haze(World Premiere)
09.French,Ransom Lets Ride Out
10.French- Soul Music(World Premiere)
11.French,Mike Shorey- Life
12.French- Mac And Cheese
13.French- No Sence Of U Bullshitting(World Premiere)
14.Hollywood Fergie,Max B- Niggas Tried There Best
15.French, Blaksmif- On Some Mobb Shit
16.French,Fergie, Mack Mustard- Plenty Money
17.Blaksmif,Hollywood Fergie- Aint That Funny
18.French- Trust Nobody (World Premiere)
19. French,Max B,Uncle Murder- Whole In A Nigga
20.French,Cassidy,Ar-Ab- City Of Dreams
21.French,Max B,Beanie Sigel- What U Want Frome Me

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I like Max

But French is terrible. The only song he ever made that I liked was This is What I do.
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old shit

join hip hop website...get it if u dont have some songs and u like french owwoww
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Old new

damn i got this already from mixunit this is some old shit fuckin retards put some new shit on this site