Lil Wayne - Run This Town

*Update: Download Lil Wayne - No Ceilings

Here goes Wayne's 3rd leak off No Ceilings, dropping Halloween!

Previously: Lil Wayne - Swag Surfin x Lil Wayne - Wasted (off No Ceilings)

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He's back on his Drought 3

He's back on his Drought 3 shit! Who's ready for No Ceilings!?
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i am!!!! cant wait this is

i am!!!! cant wait this is gunna be the best halloween ever lls

I hope your not older than 18.

That would be a shame.
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haha thats the same thang i

haha thats the same thang i said when i heard the first two leaks $Don of Decatur$ Money is Motivation

wayne look like madusa in this pic

i dont like the fact that guys keep leaking tracks of the mixtape cause it kinda ruins the suprise but this shit is on FIRE ! Kill that autotune ja rule shit wayne wtf nigga spit like you on the come up drought 3 type shit & im gone

i thought this nigga sipped

i thought this nigga sipped a little 2 much drank 2 get back on like this but the old wayne has arrived!!
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If you really a Wayne fan you would follow his muzik no matter what! I been followin this lil nigga since The Hotboyz! From source awards to Grammys nobody can do it better then Weezy F. Baby!!!
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the nigg8 went n on this

the nigg8 went n on this hoe!!
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How the fuck he keep doing this?

How does this nigga rap like this? God damn.. Nigga has put down the autotuner and other gay shit and just started shittin on the entire game again, Wayne aint gonna even let up either.. Halloween is going to be like fuckin Christmas!
Even this nigga's haters are left speechless and disoriented
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C'mon Now

You kno homie didnt just die and fall off the planet wit his rap shit.. He just got fucked up and pulled a lil marketing stunt on our ass and started hookin in these "rock folk".. I jus hope he dont pull some shit by throwing the some of that rock shit on this mixtape to jus fill space.. He needs to convince some more peoples that he actually the Greatest RAPPER of All Time and stop trying to be the greatest artist of all time, yehh digg? DuEcE eM uP--> F.A.C

can't wait for the mixtape

can't wait for the mixtape to drop. dis da greatest nigga alive!
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dat no ceilin shit better be good too. and im glad dat nigga stop usin dat autotune bullshit.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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This shit is disgusting....had us feeling wasted!! Really thought you could hear one of the "old"-young-waynes on the swag surfn
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this is hawt sauze

this is hawt sauze
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TRICK or TREAT!!!! I can't

TRICK or TREAT!!!! I can't wait for halloween! I got the Swag Surfin song and wasted...shits FIRE!!! It's bout time Wayne went back to his roots! I copped the Drake "So Far Gone" cd and the track with weezy, drake and Jeezy is a heater!!! IMMA GO HARD...IMMA GO HARD....I'M GOIN IIIIIN...I'm GOIN IIIIN!!! Making ho's wobble like a brigde in earthquake!!!

Mixtape Weezy Is Back!!!

Mixtape Weezy Is Back!!! -JayPeeTheTruth