Lil Wayne Feat Drake - Right Above It

First single off Lil Wayne's upcoming EP I'm Not A Human Being.

Look for it to drop on his birthday, September 27th.

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Damn weezy should leave this

Damn weezy should leave this clown off his shit for real i admit it i Hate this nigga drake call me what you want i'm just keeping it honest GOD RAP GOD PERSONA GOD SCRILLA GODBODY IN THE FLESH BITCH CALL ME GODZILLA!

It's okay (for my first listen)

Off first listen, beat didnt catch my attention... nor did Drake. Wayne's verses were off the chain though. I give it 7/10. Hope this cd go hard. Aint heard nothing new from wayne in a minute. Baby I'ma God I should walk around with nuns. But I walk around with guns. Use your head or you'll walk around with none.
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shit i dont give a fuck that

shit i dont give a fuck that I'm not a human being gone be better then the rest of the shit thats coming out. GOD RAP GOD PERSONA GOD SCRILLA GODBODY IN THE FLESH BITCH CALL ME GODZILLA!
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Wasnt feeling drakes verse Nor the beat.. Wayne was o.k same ole weezy style as usual, 4/10. ;NY`Gunhill
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i thought this would atleast

i thought this would atleast make it on my playlist but i trashed it
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drake's verse on the track is from the Tim Westwood freestyle
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iz thkis any goood EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........
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Heard it on another site..

Very Generic production, i think even i a good portion of this beat in my library in Sony Acid Pro or Fruity loops one of em.. Wayne coulda found better im sure, and why is he just focusing on Drake? where everybody else at on Young Money? Drake just aint doin it for me, he's what i call a "some-timer" I guess Wayne pushin the only one makin moves, and plus i guess Drake is young money's version of Kanye west. (minus producer)... Im waitin for the EP to drop.. it's gone probably sit at the top of this site for 3 months.
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Gucci Did The Same Thing With OJ

He was promoting the shit outta OJ for about a year, then after he got some fame he started pushin Waka & now it look like he doin the same thing with Frenchie. Don't be surprised if you don't see that happen with Wayne & he start pushin Chuckee or Gudda soon for about a year. And don't be surprised if that EP is as good as you think judging by the shit Wayne been releasing lately. I hope it don't disappoint though.
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Its a poor trend

Lot of the beats lately have been very generic, on both mixtapes and cds. Best tracks this summer have been on B.o.B. and Em's cds. In my opinion its basically because rappers have forgotten the music part of rap...with real instruments and singers.... you know that kinda thing... need to get back to basics
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Sad Thing Is...

Alot of peeps don't even realize the beats on Ems new Album. Shit is NOT gettin the recognition it deserves, beat wise and lyrically. It is his best yet!
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Yes Sir, I think I got it on FruityLoops...
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yeea thkis iz str8

i shkould of known thkis iz i waz thinking EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........
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not an interesting beat, opposite of unique
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next one!

not feeln this shit! what up? wayne you gave up or what?

wayne is fucking wack

wayne is fucking wack nowadays, dont expect much from him
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Weezy but I aint ashmatic.

Shit the beat is kewl and Wayne's verses are good especially on the second and third and listen. Wayne just set the bar so high for himself, he's gotta murdah every beat with whatever style he choose( auto-tune , spitting, or harmonizing) but it's still a good song, it's lacks a lil for Weezy standard tho! But with so much "trash" being put out it's gonna catch fire! ' Midwest Mobsta'
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It shouldnt be that

It shouldnt be that difficult to get a nicer beat then this one....didnt even care to listen to Wayne's lyrics, the beat made me skip this track straight away, I hope he got something better in store for his upcumming EP. all the way live from The Netherlands, Europe.
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