J. Warner - Pocket Full Of Money



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01 - Intro - Intro
02 - Addicted 2 The Money - Addicted 2 The Money
03 - Im - On
04 - Ultimatum - Ultimatum
05 - All About A Dollar - All About A Dollar
06 - True - Story
07 - Beat It Up - Beat It Up
08 - A - Setup
09 - Coming Wit Me - Coming Wit Me
10 - On My Way - On My Way
11 - Im - J.Warner
12 - Money On Me - Money On Me
13 - Say Wha Chu Want - Say Wha Chu Want
14 - Its - Okay
15 - Live From New Orleans - Live From New Orleans
16 - J.Warner - Speaks
17 - Support - Me
18 - Imma Be Aight - Imma Be Aight
19 - Skit By Peter Bizzo - Skit By Peter Bizzo
20 - Myself - Myself
21 - Shawty Whass Ya Name - Shawty Whass Ya Name
22 - Predicament - Predicament
23 - Shy - Chick(Mcr)
24 - Outro - Outro

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"no white boy swag...abercrombie & fitch" lmao has some nice bars jus needs to flow better wit the beats. #23's hot tho.
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Dude got the production

But he flow too slow or somethin with it, the beats be leaving him, and by the time im done listening i feel like some good ass production was wasted... Whoever make his beats need to sell em to somebody else. Thats the same way i feel about Gucci mane, OJ, Waka etc. i feel like they have good ass production that coulda been so much better used on a more talented rap artist.
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"beats be leaving him"

I agree.
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I agree with you on that 110% dninc........ Roll 1

mo tyme in the studio

shyt could be better if picked up his flow....But i agree good production but i see some hot shyt here do. 4,6,23 someother ones just need to hear it once or twice mo

Cover Art Is WHACK! LMFAO!

What the fuck? Is this nigga using Kid PIX? The scheme is terrible, we all know u broke, what are u tryna sell? Shoulda called this shit pocket fulla loose change. LOL, nigga tryna stunt hard! LMFAO! Stop! " -The Fly One Has Spoken "


First, If your not going to give constructive criticism about the music, Boi fuck you! This clown ass nigga commenting on the cover art with that small ass fitted hat on talking bout he fly.. Nigga you chap! Fly away.. Secondly, if your going to comment on the MUSIC could you give me your favorite artist because one nigga quoted project pat and im like what the fuck???
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Poppin' quotes out tha ass, that's some Al Sharpton type shit. It was my signature. It wasn't a part of my post regarding the mixtape.
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Big Brudda Lil Brudda

shots out to J Warner Guns up in the building we big dog salute you and the whole murk city. FUck these haters mane blogging ass niggas can suck a big baby's dick. we dont pay em no mind eh Warner. ICing on the Cake Niggas! ICON!!!
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Wait a minute...

Cheerwine? and that 336 is a triad area code. and the 704 is charlotte...you in N. Carolina?
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Yeah man

I'm ova here at A&T til the end of August, then I'm headed ova to Hampton U. You?
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NAw, homey. I just used to live there, in High Point right off Wendover Ave.. My family lives there now..
-For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.