September 7th & Crooked I: Hip Hop Weekly Mixtape 2

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01-crooked_i-nwa_(dj_numba_wun_remix)-2dope.mp3 4.07 MB
02-crooked_i-big_spender-2dope.mp3 3.60 MB
03-crooked_i-blueprint_2-2dope.mp3 4.76 MB
04-crooked_i-doin_dat-2dope.mp3 2.86 MB
05-crooked_i-cmon_baby-2dope.mp3 3.22 MB
06-crooked_i-ill_still_kill-2dope.mp3 3.61 MB
07-crooked_i-big_brother-2dope.mp3 4.28 MB
08-crooked_i-imagine-2dope.mp3 4.35 MB
09-crooked_i-one_mic-2dope.mp3 3.40 MB
10-crooked_i-kill_us_all-2dope.mp3 2.53 MB
11-crooked_i-no_stoppin_c.o.b.-2dope.mp3 2.68 MB
12-crooked_i-quit_snitchin-2dope.mp3 4.10 MB
13-crooked_i-xplosive-2dope.mp3 3.87 MB
14-crooked_i-c.o.b._for_life-2dope.mp3 3.84 MB
15-crooked_i-leather_so_soft-2dope.mp3 3.07 MB
16-crooked_i-get_away-2dope.mp3 3.95 MB
17-crooked_i-im_a_g-2dope.mp3 4.23 MB
18-crooked_i-dynasty-2dope.mp3 3.62 MB
19-crooked_i-10_rap_commandments-2dope.mp3 3.51 MB
20-crooked_i-r.i.p._pimp_c-2dope.mp3 1.09 MB
21-crooked_i-week_16_remix-2dope.mp3 2.91 MB
22-crooked_i-its_all_hip_hop-2dope.mp3 4.70 MB
23-crooked_i-the_introduction-2dope.mp3 3.80 MB
24-crooked_i-one_step_(rmx)-2dope.mp3 4.60 MB
25-crooked_i-the_outro-2dope.mp3 980.38 kB

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DO NOT SLEEP!!! This is 5 STARZ all day better cop everything you can off crooked I cause he is coming full force for over 9 months. i would love to sign with COB cause it is indeed a "Beginning Of Something Serious" YA DIG??? crooked should be bigger than your favorite he just ran into an unfortunate situation with DeathRow. DON'T SLEEP/ Talent Display (GOOGLE ME!!)
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i feel like this dude is

i feel like this dude is always fallin into unfortunate situations wasnt he on DTP 2?
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He's a beast. woouuuwww
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another crooked classic

heavy tape, loads of good tunes, i really liked 'kill us all' 'one mic' 'the introduction' and alot of others tbh probably one of the best mixtapes of the year tt
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Fo Sho

Yeye dis is gone be Fire his last one wa HOT so dis shii gone be sick....worth downloading imma hit it up.


It's a movement! I can't believe noone has commented on those two fine females on the cover yet. But yeah, the last one was piff! Can't wait to hear this....Your assist again 'jada1212'. September 7th?...hmmmm, I wouldn't mind hearin' Crooked and The Outlawz ryde on a track....maybe wit' Young Buck on the hook....YEAH...yeah. "What I discovered is y'all some snitch lovers/ I might speak, but I don't f*ck wit' nobody." -Jigga Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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keepin' it real

I hope this nigga gon stay real till the end. The game need rappers like him..He does soundlike he can put west coast back on the map. Crooked, Ya boy, juice and maybe Game the only niggas doin it fo real.. Real niggas respect him i mean he even did a joint wit hell razah! Crooked, Ya boy, juice and maybe Game the only niggas doin it fo ral.. Hey yo crooked come visit washington heights up here in harlem my nigga! We got u up here my du', just stay true. Keep goin hard on dem west coast fake gangsta - snitch mo'fuckas! Washington Heights Byrdgang what it do..

Sicker than a Disease!!!

This nigga Crooked I is sicker than a disease fo' real.I'm definitely gonna lookout for alla his mixtapes.I knew the brother had skillz but he kills the mixtape with his lyrics.Anybody who sleeps on him is str8 up dumb.

do sleep on this kid

he got two tape that i up on mixfiend @b he got some new shit it the new year so look out for me