Hannibal King - Villains Gone Bad IV


01. Don Chiesel
02. Mellow
03. Organic
04. Do It Again
05. Chinese Eyes
06. Places
07. Doobie Break
08. Phillies (Sweet)
09. Sour
10. Ganja Tune
11. Child Of The Blues
12. Mary Music
13. Beautiful Rain
14. Dana Dearmond Space Opera
15. Laws
16. Gengar
17. Krazy World

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From one producer to another...I downloaded one of your joint's a couple years ago...Good to see you still doing it...You have a unique sound and style...I can definitely see the progress you have made... Stay up...Peace Ruck973 "YOU'VE BEEN HAD...IT'S ALL LIES...NOW, WAKE UP!" He shouted to the sleeping giant.