DJ Green Lantern & Charles Hamilton - Outside Looking

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01 Outside Looking - Intro.mp3 375.66 kB
02 Outside Looking - Outside.mp3 5.25 MB
03 Outside Looking - Brooklyn Girls.mp3 4.47 MB
04 Outside Looking - Dont Touch Me (Produced By 9th Wonder).mp3 4.21 MB
05 Outside Looking - Pure Imagination.mp3 4.90 MB
06 Outside Looking - Superman.mp3 4.94 MB
07 Outside Looking - My Wonderful Pink Polo (Wake Up Mr West).mp3 3.83 MB
08 Outside Looking - Beetlejuice.mp3 3.02 MB
09 Outside Looking - In Front Of You (Go Dumb).mp3 4.14 MB
10 Outside Looking - Unapologetic.mp3 4.92 MB
11 Outside Looking - No Escaping.mp3 3.95 MB
12 Outside Looking - Rockstar Girl.mp3 4.73 MB
13 Outside Looking - Ambitions Of Musicians.mp3 4.63 MB
14 Outside Looking - American Dream.mp3 3.54 MB
15 Outside Looking - Let It Go.mp3 5.01 MB
16 Outside Looking - November 10th.mp3 4.94 MB

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dude is real nice w/

dude is real nice w/ on the lookout for him...he coming up
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It's sad to see comments

It's sad to see comments like this at this point. I too was someone who felt the same way, after seeing his youtube freestyle videos and listening to "The Pink Lavalamp" (a dope mixtape/album. if you haven't, check that shit out!). If he wouldn't have been such a douchebag, I really think he could've established himself as one of the top new artists. Even with all of the ridiculous and irritating shenanigans he's pulled since then, I'm still pulling for him, and it's not like he doesn't still have a chance to turn things around; he most definitely can do it. BUT only if he sticks to making music, and tries to control his asshole, narcissistic, douchebag, self-important urges and keeps the fuckery to a minimum. You can do it, Charles!!! I believe in you!

Charles Hamilton

This is fire. Good creative style. Gotta admit I slept on this tape. He did a mixtape with DJ Skee as well, each one has about 3-4 tracks that are different. I'd recommend anything by this up-n-coming artist. "They say the streets are the teacher, and I'm a wise pupil." -Styles P Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

dont sleep on this young

dont sleep on this young cat.. This shit is straight fireee. LImp bizkit sampleess

this boy is sick wit the

this boy is sick wit the flow

what is a good torrent

what is a good torrent site???
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Good Torrent Site

Check this website out: If that doesn't work, take the .45 and bang yoself.