Duke Da God - Tha Last Dragon


2.Crime Pays(Original)-Camron
3.Lets Talk About It -Cam'ron ft.Jadakiss
4.Pushin It –Vado ft. Cam'ron
5.Bronx Nigga-Ruga Rell
6.After Disaster-Lil Weezy
7.Im a Rider-Lil Weezy
8.Mafia Day-A-Mafia
9.I Make it Look Good-Skeme Team(sudaboss,40cal,L.B)
10.Spend the Night-Cam'ron
11.Welcome Back-Jr Writer
12..2 x Dope-Bezel
13. Freestyle-A-Mafia
14.Super Ghost-Styles P
15.Be Alright-730 Dips. Jetlag,Sen,Tito Green,Freekey
16.Call Shots-Mel Matrix
17.Keep Talkin-Bezel ft. Casino
18.Dream-Shiest Bubz ft. Broadway Slim& Smoke
19.Goin In-Fred Money.
20.Cookies and Apple Juice-Cam'ron ft. Bird Lady
21.Outro-King Tut (R.I.P)

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