Drake - Best Of Drizzy


1. (00:04:03) Drake - Still Fly
2. (00:02:00) Drake - Asthma team
3. (00:03:22) Drake - Barry Bonds Freestyle
4. (00:05:22) Drake - Overdose (feat. Travis McCoy & Mickey Factz)
5. (00:01:25) Drake - Faded
6. (00:04:07) Drake - Little Bit (feat. Lykke Li)
7. (00:02:46) Drake - Comeback Season
8. (00:03:16) Drake - Swagger Like Us
9. (00:05:02) Drake - Man Of The Year (feat. Lil Wayne)
10. (00:04:29) Drake - Sooner Than Later
11. (00:03:33) Drake - Am 2 Pm
12. (00:04:5 Drake - Ransom (feat. Lil Wayne)
13. (00:03:34) Drake - The Presentation
14. (00:03:00) Drake - Underdog (feat. Trey Songz)
15. (00:04:10) Drake - Stuntin (feat. Lil Wayne)
16. (00:03:03) Drake - Brand New (Remix) (feat. Lil Wayne)
17. (00:02:26) Drake - Try Harder
18. (00:05:11) Drake - Closer (feat. Andreena Mill)
19. (00:04:16) Drake - Kick Push (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

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Drake Is Cold ya'll...Don't sleep on him

On Drake Drizzy,

On Drake Drizzy,

that shit is cold

midwest monster is right..dont sleep on drake he's killin all the up and comin artist..dont sleep on m.e.x either he cold too

Drake is a monster... he

Drake is a monster... he needs his own real mixtape..

LOL this the nigga from the

LOL this the nigga from the show degrassi this nigga go hard body

why does everyone say that

why does everyone say that he was from "degrasi" how do you even know that? you are real hood ain't ya? watchin kids shows and shit

RE: why does everyone say that

they say he is from degrassi bcause in some of his verses he says "i'm that lil yellow boy that use to play up on degrassi." drake is got flows. waitin for another cd or mixtape from him

...pocket $20,000 to be

...pocket $20,000 to be anywhere they ask me! Drake is straight DOPE

yea dude drake is from

yea dude drake is from degrassi iont watch that gay show but it is him dats in that


yeah you dont sound ignorant

Yo bol

Yo bol who the fuck really cares if its a kids show, you prolly watch fresh prince and thats a 90's teen show, and the bol drake is from that show and that dont matter cause he still pretty good but Meek Millz in my opinion is gnna take over soon

yea right

millz ??? my ass Darke Is On Top Fam..Aint nobosy tealin his shine

he was wheelchair jimmy. lol

he was wheelchair jimmy. lol

Drake is mad nice, I agree,

Drake is mad nice, I agree, His flow is flawless.


little waynes ghost writer that is!!!!!



degrassi is a street in the

degrassi is a street in the east end of toronto,,

Let me school ya'll on some

Let me school ya'll on some knowledge.. The city in the back ground is Toronto. I know Drake keeps it real on which city he represents. But I think his family roots is from the south..(Memphis) Dude was on the show Degrassi the next generation, which I believe is filmed in the T.O.

Best New Artist I've Heard This Year

Listened to the whole mixtape and I must say I am very impressed. I have watched Degrassi, so I was a bit skeptical at first. So I knew where he was from. I was like damn, here goes another Disney/Nickelodeon wanna be rapper lol. But after hearing a co-signing from The Klasix, (Produced majority of Joe Budden's Mood Muzik 3), I figured that I give it a listen. But damn, I would've never guessed he had this much talent. He doesn't try to be something he's not as far as the the hardcore street image goes, which I respect him highly for. He's just letting his personality come natural and it shows through his music. The man has a controlled delivery, unique swag, clever and substantial lyrics, and as an artist (both singing or rapping) never gets boring. He's a breath of fresh air to the game. Real hip-hop heads should really give this a listen (I'm a fellow hip-hop head myself!!) We tend to be real hard on commercial music, i know, and for good reason. But trust me, compared to most of the bullshit that the mainstream is feeding us today, he is light years ahead of the competition. He has my vote. Much respect.


DAT NIGAH IS STRAIGHT FAGGOT - tv ass nigah, nothing but a actor. he suckd waynes dick for some trax and he gone fall off eventually stupid tv ass fagg0t go back to sucking dick at that fagg0t degrassi high school u canadian queer


ayo u know very much unless he giving u heads ya lil punk ass nigga. drake's waz up right now n always home boy so don't fool yaself. much love drake respect

The Kid Is Nice

Degrassi or not he went harder than most with wayne on a track "black ferrai with the red seat i call it playin checkers.." Come on

yo, pleeeease tell me a) why

yo, pleeeease tell me a) why that line is so hard? and b) what the fuck that means...lol. playin checkers?
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I don't know where you came from.... but here in EARTH there is a legendary game called checkers, where the pieces are RED and BLACK. Hence the red and black ferrari called "checkers". If you don't know what "checkers" is, you might just want to give up on life.

bottom line....drake might

bottom line....drake might be alright when it comes to swagga jackin, but he cant step one foot in any hood in T.O. just thought i d let yall, know cause everyone seems to like artists who "go hard" well, drake doesnt. period

drizzy drake on trigga

drizzy drake on trigga nigga. toronto i got you. i got us


Y'all Forgot Get Over It!!!!!!

Straight Bananaz.... Drake

Straight Bananaz.... Drake be murking ALL...Jigga, Yeezy, don't care who you are - Pay Attention! Tdot stand up - all day!

Drake is my favo rappa

already!! yall kno that Drake is fiya so keep listenin he got two new albums droppin soona AND lata soon: So Far Gone later in 09: Thank Me Later for those who aint heard of him DONT SLEEP ON ANY OF HIS MUSIC!!!

Drake is not Waynes Ghost writer

Drake and Wayne ghostwrite for many people and they work together so Drake is not Waynes ghostwriterr
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Drake that Nukkahh!

Hottest thang jumpin anywhere is Drizzy-Baby!

Drake is fuckin sick. saw

Drake is fuckin sick. saw him in concert with weezy it was off the chain

Drake is quickly on the rize.

The dude has slipped past the radar and is already becoming one Phenomenal artist, Lyrically intelligent, Eloquent flows with the beats, and has stage presence, I sat and downloaded some of his mixtapes the past couple of months and this dude is a beast without havin to resort to the Pop Culture rap styles out there right now thats exciting the kids.. This just goes to show you, you don't have to grow up in a distraught family household, be in a life of crime or work the streets to be deep.. Obviously this dude was very insightful and aware of his surroundings and should have probably been a Poet instead of a Rapper.. Very good Artist, i'll keep an eye out for his Albums, he got a new fan.




fo real dis fag makes me wish i was white