Double R Entertainment - The Gang Is All Here: The Best Of Dipset Eurogang

Double R Entertainment takes care of some business overseas and has
Baby Blue, S.A.S., & Haze host this major mix, which features the best
joints, not to mention some exclusive tracks from the Dipset Eurogang.
This mix features some of the best Emcees in the UK with Haze, Baby
Blue, Bigz, Villian, Mega & Mayhem (S.A.S.) + production from Rephan.

1 - Baby Blue - Intro
2 - Eurogang - Eurogang
3 - Baby Blue - Blow My Mind
4 - Haze - Once Upon A Time In London
5 - S.A.S. - Streets All Salute
6 - S.A.S. feat. Haze - E.U.R.O.
7 - S.A.S. - Dipset All Day
8 - S.A.S. - Theme Muzik
9 - S.A.S. - DJ Battle & DJ Whoo Kid Freestyle
10 - Juelz Santana feat. S.A.S. - Gangsta Shit (remix)
11 - S.A.S. - Rocks N Roll [Produced by Dutchbeetz]
12 - S.A.S. - Hot 97 Freestyle (2001)
13 - S.A.S. feat. October Rouge - French Connection UK
14 - Juelz Santana feat. S.A.S. - Dipset Anthem (remix)
15 - Haze feat. Baby Blue - Hazy Days
16 - Teedra Moses feat. Mega - Backstroke
17 - S.A.S. - Get Away (Freestyle)
18 - Baby Blue feat. S.A.S., Bigz, Sway, Pyrelli & Sincere - Still Don't Care (remix)
19 - Coinz & S.A.S. - Doing Fine
20 - Haze - It's That Life
21 - Mr. Pork Dudley & Rephan - Singing This Song
22 - S.A.S. - Story Of Us
23 - S.A.S., Baby Blue, Bigz, Ill Millz & Young Pro - Missing You
24 - Baby Blue - Outro


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thats actually kinda tight..really suprised. proz for that shit got some london chaps with raps
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this mix is sikkk SAS is doin it niiice... this is worth download
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Bout Time Our Boyz From

Bout Time Our Boyz From London Dropped Some More Shit!! Propz on gettin the mix!!! Eurogang/Dipset Bitch!!!


Wow, what a waste of time it was gettin this tape. Max five good tracks. baby blue needs to shut up and stop rappin'. Haze is nice though, SAS get annoying. Get it if ur a big dipset fan and wanna hear how bad their eurogang is
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Bout Time for this shit

Im nt a big fan of dipset but for any chance for our uk rappers to cum through and get a break..i respect tht...big up sway and the fire camp..blaaaaaaa

How do i download this

I dont see a link to download the torrent, i ve been trying to get this tape for every someone help, where do i click to download this bitch.

Dipset Eurogang

How do download this album, please HELP!!!

dem london boiz

dem london boiz


yo iv looked everywhere for dis good hook ups hommie

SAS and Papoose are the nicest emcees around

SAS is fuckin nasty...if you think they are getting annoying then ur a homo

eurogang u already

eurogang u already knooooooooooooo .... yah diig




theres no attachment dickheads