Dolla - The Miseducation Of Dolla


01 Intro
02 What Do You Do
03 Change
04 Heartbreak Collision
05 Love Of Money
06 Rain
07 Freestyle
08 Closer To My Dreams
09 California Kushin
10 What We Do
11 Hi-Definition (Feat. Streetz)
12 A Billion
13 Role Model
14 A Place
15 Swagga Like Mine
16 Old School
17 Cry On My Shoulder
18 Protect Me (Feat. Streetz)
19 Got Em' Feat. Dubb
20 Allmighty Dolla
21 I'm From Decatur(Feat. 36Mafia)
22 Emotionless
23 Welcome To The Jungle (Feat. Scrapp Deleon)
24 Atl Homecoming
25 Statistic

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R.I.P Dolla

this should be nice got a chance to hear some of his music b4 a hater took him from hip hop. -hating thats what you do best-
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sorry bout the caps im not yellin. to me this cd is exactly what i consider hip hop. -hating thats what you do best-
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9/10....Smoke 1 to track 20

Its sad hearing this tape, nigga came hard on every track and aint here to get the props he deserve. Couple tracks from his first tape but still goes hard & mixed on point. ...J's(check), white T(check), Kush w/any designer jean(check)......Goin in Hard on These Niggas tapes now....Is there HOPE?


This cat would have blown up. No doubt bout that, this dude went off on all sorts of different style beats and his delivery was sick. Its a shame people have to be cowards. Miss Ya Bro.


the tape is off the chains. dolla goes harder than steel. and i aint even listened to all of it just skip thru but already catchin the ear, ya underdig? LOL dj SHABAZ
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Rip my nigga Dolla . this shits fire you know it
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RIP to this dude, it blows

RIP to this dude, it blows my mind that his killer got off scott-free...(Make sure you listen to God also)
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R.I.P Dolla.... My deepest sympathy goes to his family and Friends...Mixtape is Fire.... 8/10

man i been listenin to dolla

man i been listenin to dolla since like the beginning of 08....real talented dude, couldnt really figure it out but somethin about him stood out from the rest. his wordplay is ill. when i heard he died, though i didnt kno him, i felt pain. real talk. like a hater wnet and took one of the last real niggas left on this earth, and an extraordinarily talented one at that. i bump his shit to this day lettn everyone kno bout the legacy he left behind...r.i.p. dolla aka buck

Who even knows what happened.

First off this nigga was a "gangsta rapper" right? This man threatened to kill another man based on the assumption that dolla was a hood nigga. So my man makes a threat well low and behold the nigga that dolla threatened was a real gangsta and shot my man to death. Point of this is if you a fuckin' pussy don't provoke a real nigga. Everyone crying that the killer got off, no nigga dolla should have shut the fuck up and he'd still be here.

WHOA damn ok. never heard of

WHOA damn ok. never heard of this dude dolla... Then who the fuck is dilla?_Although I’m world wide baby I aint hard to find


You hella late lil homie.. r.i.p. $


I see a lot of you dudes on here a lot. Anybody know where I could get hip hop dvd's from... Like the smacks, cocaine city's and dvd's like gangsta chronicles?
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Do a search here

There were a few posted in recent months..
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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cool tape,ratha dat notha

cool tape,ratha dat notha day notha dolla drop,but dis cool