DJ X Factor & Tom G - The Problem Child


01 The Problem Child Intro
02 Problems - Tom G
03 Forever Freestyle - Tom G
04 Go Getta - Tom G & Thug Pretty
05 2 Sides - Killa Mike - & Tom G
06 Money Make The World Go Round - Tom G
07 Run This Town - Tom G
08 Tommy Gunz Fuck Haters Skit
09 Can't Stop Me - Tom G
10 Aint Saying Nothing - Tom G
11 Just Jumped - Tomg Ft J Creek
12 Wash Ur Cuda - Tom G
13 Bonkers - Tom G
14 Thank You - Jay Z Feat Tom G
15 Couple Grand - Tom G
16 Don't Trust'em - Tom G
17 Make Her Say (Remix) - Tom G & J-Creek
18 Wasted Xplosive Remix - Tom G - Icebreg - Oj Da Juiceman & Red Cafe
19 5 Star Bitch (Remix)- Tom G,Lil Boosie & Nikki Minaj
20 Zooted - Tom G Ft Bubba Sparkzz
21 Let It Go - Prime Ft Tom G
22 Gangsta - R.Kelly Ft Tom G
23 Lower - Strizzo Feat Tom G
24 Trickin Remix - Mullage Ft Tom G
25 Soul Crush - Tom G

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Not gonna DL but the cover

Not gonna DL but the cover looks ballin

dont sleep on my nigga tom

dont sleep on my nigga tom he the next hot shit coming out give the nigga a listen this mixtape was on the top 8 on dat piff. wake the fuck up ppl


Nigga look like a grown ass man.
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dude cut his dreads

tommi gunz spit fire... im talkin 308 rounds! Tampa bitch
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damn dat nigga cut all his

damn dat nigga cut all his dreads off but real shit this nigga b spittin tampa shit real nigga shit...