DJ Whoo Kid & Kaze - First In Flight

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1. (00:03:37) Kaze - 919 Fashion (Prod. Erv Ford)
2. (00:04:14) Kaze - Whatever U Wanna Do (Prod. Gotti)
3. (00:02:31) Kaze - Best I Ever Had
4. (00:03:46) Kaze - Get Shut Down (Feat. Fluent & Ak Slaughter) (Prod. Erv Ford)
5. (00:04:17) Kaze - Day In The Life (Prod. Gyphted)
6. (00:03:33) Kaze - Need It To Go (Prod. Gotti)
7. (00:04:05) Kaze - The Grind (Feat. S.S.P.) (Prod. The Dem)
8. (00:04:37) Kaze - Fresh (Feat. Mr. Mohalyn) (Prod. 9th Wonder)
9. (00:04:01) Kaze - They Don't Know (Feat. Mr. Mohalyn) (Prod. Jake One)
10. (00:03:14) Kaze - Diamond Life (Prod. Erv Ford)
11. (00:04:38) Kaze - Reminisce (Prod. E. Jones)
12. (00:04:58) Kaze - Blowing In The Wind (Prod. Erv Ford)

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worth the D/L...if u like

worth the D/L...if u like southern rap dat dont sound like trap music or outkast.
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hell yes...

i was waiting to see if anyone would say anything about this... anyone who is interested in some lyrical southern shit needs to check this out... don't expect for the beats to go hard as fuck tho, kaze has got a mello sound... laid back style flow.