DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 97

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01. Intro
02. Lil Wayne Ft Eminem - The World (Hot !!!)
03. Intro Pt 2 (Mike Nitty & Nu Jersey Devil) Atlantic City In The Building
04. Mike Nitty Ft Game & Nu Jersey Devil - U Might Get Shot (World Premiere)
05. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy - Scared Money Dont Make Money(Hot !!!)
06. Lil Wayne - Jump Up In The Sky
07. Styles P - I Wanna Rock Freestyle
08. Styles P - Broken Heart Freestyle
09. Eminem - Pin Bombs
10. Eminem - Buffalo Bill
11. Lloyd Banks - Microphone Fiend
12. Jim Jones Ft Rev Run - Wishing On A Sucker Mc (Hot !!!)
13. Drag-On - Money
14. Interlude
15. Gucci Mane Ft Rick Ross - All About That Money
16. Bun B Ft Yelawolf - Im Good 2 Go
17. The Clipse ,Vinnie Paz - Street Warz
18. Young Jeezy Ft Lil Boosie - U Miss Me
19. Gucci Mane - All Dat (Not On Album)
20. Gucci Mane Ft Nicki Minaj & Rocko - Its Easy (Not On Album)
21. Akon - Rock
22. Eminem - Elevator
23. Lil Wayne - Da Da Da (Rebirth)
24. Jadakiss - Freestyle
25. Busta Rhymes & Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock Pt 2
26. 40 Cal - Warm It Up
27. Kanye West - 30 Seconds

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Let me see what this sounds like
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dudes back on his grind, but where the fuck is jiggy these days.....i hate waitin till BJ drops with like 45 joints and they're all fuckin old by then. Zoo what's good
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growth & development... its free gangsta shat!! enjoy.
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What Sound LIke???

I Got These Singles All This Week, What Them Other Jewels Shine Like? Candy Looks Very Bottom Of The Purse Balled Up Sweets, Good To Peep? Pine Fucking Ridge!
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Just turn on the radio, is just like listening to a Blow Job tape.
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i feel u...recently jiggy

i feel u...recently jiggy tries making up for his absence by releasing 2 mixtapes at a time with tons of old tracks and rnb filler with maybe 3 or 4 tracks I havn't heard that may or may not even be any good
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yeah, jiggy has fell off the

yeah, jiggy has fell off the map, he was supposed to release s.g. 13 on dec. 5 and he just disappeared. oh well do your thing white owl, i guess....
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yall need to read wikipedia

yall need to read wikipedia - jiggy got aduolt chicken pocks, they said he is recovering well, but will have permament scar tissue on his face. He also will be dropping another tape that dont fit on a cd 12-21
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damn the shingles are no

damn the shingles are no joke---that sucks a lot---can't believe jiggy doesn't have any1 take his place tho...its not like he mixes or anything like that
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damn wiki, never thought of

damn wiki, never thought of that, good lookin out
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It was decent the tracklist

It was decent the tracklist made it look better than it was. kept 19 trax. give it a 6.8/10


im tryna hear that em & wayne song..better be real not that blend shit
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we fuxxx wit WHITEOWL over here.... SHOUTS OUT whiteowl! man fo real tho, if you gettn his shit instantly whiteowl dont have you behind....but if you waitin around for whiteowl drop that to drop here, then yeah maybe you gona get some old songs.....if you get tired of waiting maybe you should just do you own mixxes....because truthfully, not haten, but thats all whiteowl drop that is anyway. a mixxxlisst... but we fuckss wit jiggggy too .. them is like the only few still doin it for the keep up the hard work niggas
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it's real. Was better than

it's real. Was better than expected but still .....idk maybe it has 2 grow on me or i jus have to deal wit da fact that it's jus an aight track
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The Clipse/Vinnie Paz and Bun B/Yelawolf tracks are hot. Definitely keeping those.