DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 85

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01. Lil Wayne , Juelz Santana & Lloyd - Your Pusha (Rmx)
02. Jadakiss, Styles P - Invasion
03. Jadakiss - Take It Easy
04. Styles P - Straight Classic
05. Sheek Louch & Bully -Who The Fuck Is This !!!
06. 50 Cent - Hard Rock
07. Nas Ft Beastie Boys - 2 Many Rappers (Remix)
08. N.O.R.E - Letter 2 Noriega
09. N.O.R.E - Body In The Trunk Pt 2
10. Jim Jones, Mase, Ron Browz, Oj Da Juiceman & Shawty Lo - $20 Dollars (Remix)
11. Jim Jones Ft Rick Ross - No Sleep
12. Jim Jones - Stardom & Fame
13. Ron Browz & L.Blak - Popular
14. Drake & Kevin Cossum - Money
15. 50 Cent Ft Ne-Yo - Baby By Me
16. Lloyd Banks, Whoo Kid &Maino - Bandana
17. Ll Coolj - No Crew Is Superior
18. Jay Rock Ft Spider Loc & School Boy Q - Smoke Chronic
19. Pokerface & Junior Kat - Freestyle
20. Mike Baggz & Smurf Diggity- Blaze A 50 2009
21. Interlude
22. Ron Paul & Kphatz - 1 For The $
23. Loaded Lux & Hoodgang - Time Too Retalitate
24. Hell Rell - Off Vacation
25. Lloyd Banks - Greenday
26. Www.Whiteowlthat.Com
27. Akon - Cry Out In Joy (Michael Jackson Tribute)

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hopefully this is finally a

hopefully this is finally a decent mixtape... but i doubt it there's been a drought lately... when is something hot coming out?

ugh nevermind... there is a

ugh nevermind... there is a couple of good tracks but when u have shit like 50 cent - hard rock it makes for a garbage tape

LL Cool J had the hardest

LL Cool J had the hardest track on this joint.. and that's not sayin much
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Soft As A Baby's Ass

who rather listen to LL Cool J over some exclusive D-Block FIRE?????? sbrown you lame man, seriously!!!
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lame ass mixtape no decent

lame ass mixtape no decent trackz, all shit.
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i smell pussy ^^^^^^

not enough lil wayne & gucci for you I see LOL, get ya lame ass off this page FAGGOT!
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Na homey

thats just your upper lip u smell................... LOL!
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this guy

did i offend you by mentioning Lil Wayne LOL


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Soft Ass Muthafuckas Dont D/L WhiteOwl

Alot of new D-Block joints, cant wait to bump this, some NORE shit too, thats my fuckin dude right there! The Tracklist looks hot tho, whiteowl always got a HARD tracklist, not alot of lil wayne, drake, neyo, chris brown, etcccccc...... the soft niggas cant feel whiteowl's shit, i can digg that tho, some ppl like hip-hop, some ppl like rap, some like that soft ass R&B/Rap bullshit (Drake), and others like myself fuck wit that D-Block/Hell Rell music, thats what 90% of whiteowl's music is, so before you click on his mixtape and get your panties all up in a bunch because there is no music you and your girl can dance to, next time you see a drop that, just skip over it, the next biggy wiggy will be out soon LOL
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rell go hard.. dblock is official...NORE certified....ahhaha biggyjiggy wiggy!! but "LOL?" seriously???
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N.O.R.E. Got Some New Shit Out

Download S.O.R.E. (Still On The Run Eatin') off of, the cd is tight! Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Not to step in on all this

Not to step in on all this and all that what you posted but White Owl has 2 Mixtapes one with Mostly all Lil Wayne on it and it was dedicated to Lil Wayne and one with Mostly Drake and Lil Wayne on it and it was Dedicated to Drake
Didn't wanna step it but didn't want you to misinform people either, Just browse down and on the next page of Mixtapetorrent and the last 2 Big Lil Wayne and Drake Drops was Both from WhiteOwl..
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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pretty decent 6/10


Nore has been wack once superthug died

Aight i fuck wit some d-block(styles or jada, sheek is aight) but nore has been horrible since superthug got played out. superthug was hot but that should have been his last song with a one word hook. But it wasnt. Minus a couple of CNN tracks offa reunion, Nore is straight wackkkkkkk
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I'll give u one on that comment. That reggaeton shit NORE was on was wack as hell but his new cd S.O.R.E. (Still On The Run Eatin') is tight as hell. Download it off then comment back. Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...

haha aight ill check it

haha aight ill check it out. yall gotta peep teenage mutant ninja rapper by this dude chris webby. Hes kinda nice, might be the next big white boy


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I'm srry i luv white owl

I'm srry i luv white owl tapes but this looks pretty weak. i will give u my 2 cents aftr i listen tho
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allright i just got done

allright i just got done goin thru it. I like bout 14/15 trax. I honestley think da best trax were from da ppl i neva heard of, Mike Baggz, Ron Paul, Loaded Lux, But da Hell Rell/D-Block/N.O.R.E. shit was dope 2. If u aint feel like downloadin da hole tape @ least dl da trax from da ppl i mentioned. Trax 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 18,20, 22, 23, 24, 25 are the best trax. He's had better tapes. 6.2/10
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and need more hell rell

growth & development... but tape not bad but damn can get more hell on these WO tapes