DJ Scream & Pinky - F*ck You! Pay Me!

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01 Pinky - Intro
02 Pinky - Cut Da Check
03 Pinky - Stack It Up
04 Pinky - Hoodrich Interlude
05 Pinky - Bad Bitch
06 Pinky - Dem Thugs
07 Pinky - Pinky Interlude
08 Pinky - Backbone
09 Pinky - F U Pay Me
10 Pinky - Porno
11 Pinky - Rules Interlude
12 Pinky Feat. Rich - Its Goin Down
13 Pinky - Outro

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Bluntzilla's picture

I dont get it..

Is she a hooker or something?...


haha pinky the pornstar? are u fukin srs? this bitch is ugly as fuk thinking shes so hot. Her pussy is so fukin wide.
Yung Screw 817's picture


u so gay.
BrewCityCommittee's picture

I have heard worse but...

sorry baby girl...smh...stick to suckin wang and takin it in your rump roaster (and doin all that other freak nasty bust-it baby ass shit) for the hood to might as well be spittin mouth moisture on a dildo- instead of a mic- like the professional cum-bucket you have become world-reknowned for...I am somewhat disappointed in DJ Scream co-signing you as a hopeful music/rap artist but maybe he's seen something I haven't-- like all that redbone ass buckee-naked in the recording booth live and in the flesh! CLAWD HAVE MERCY! CAPTAIN D CUMMIN! GIGGETY!>>> "Our chronic flaw is partiality of judgement: we exaggerate the wrongs done to ourselves, and underestimate the wrongs we inflict on others" - unknown
Yung Screw 817's picture

all i kno iz...

This bitch got azz fo' days!!



Pinky is nice

if you into fat midgets. No thanks.

she look like dayday's

she look like dayday's stepmom from friday 2 or the character lady of rage played
Yung Screw 817's picture

I hit it.

And i would hit DayDay's mom too. Dat bitch was a freak! and had some big azz juggs too!!


Scream should have named the tape fuck me, pay me or what the fuck was I thinking...Get Money, Fuck A Recession!
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who dick she suck told this bitch she could rap probly after some of that bomb head
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pinky pay me

bitch pay me -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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She prob got a uncooked

She prob got a uncooked hamburger meat ass. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

damn pinky sound good on

damn pinky sound good on dis.chick can suc and fuc. plus throw a hot show on stage. she aint dat phat either and her pussi look gud.seen dat shyt in person. darealsteve-o
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Check your temperture

Check your temperture yo. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

I DOWNLOADED IT AND...............

The shits wack as you would expect and as for her porn, she used to be bad but now the bitch is just fat and kinda boring, the only thing really that attracts niggas to her is the hair hahaha, crazy as it might sound but really thats it.....Now Jazmine Cashmere, thats a bad bitch whose freaky as hell

Check this out hahahaha

This shit is wack don't waist your bandwith
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see what had happen was...