DJ Me$$iah Presents Archie Bang - Anger Management


01. Skit 1
02. Crooklyn Dodgers Freestyle
03. Young, Gifted & Black Freestyle
04. Lil Niggaz
05. Skit 2
06. Who Shot Ya Freestyle
07. Archie's World
08. Fly (Prod. By C2)
09. Knock You Down Ft. Keri Hilson (Remix)
10. Swag
11. Birthday Sex Ft. Jermih (Hood Mix)
12. Skit 3
13. Till I Die Freestyle
14. Ridah'z Freestyle
15. Na Nana Na Freestyle Ft. Gangsta Cool Aka Wink
16. Walk In These Shoes
17. Crazy Ft. Gangstah Col Aka Wink & Troy Ave
18. Kinda Like A Big Deal Freestyle Ft. Argentino
19. Rocafella Freestyle Ft. Gangstah Cool Aka Wink
20. Flight School Ft. T-Pain & Kanye West (Remix)
21. Skit 4
22. Pressure & Pain Ft. T.I.
23. Dj Me$$Iah Outro

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a bung of week ass shit that

a bung of week ass shit that he calls "freestyles" takin every 1 elsec beats. dont DL. unless u like waisting ur time.....

Dude above me been popping too many pills

Dude above me been popping too many pills. This a hot mix and dude'z flow is sick. Keep doing ur thang Archie.