DJ L-Gee & Ali Vegas - The Best Of Ali Vegas Vol. 2 : The Prince Of N.Y. Soon To Be King

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It hasn't happened yet, but it's coming. It's been a long time coming – seven years to be exact. That was about the time when Ali Vegas, then a 16-year-old slick-talking emcee from Southside Jamaica, Queens, started his hip-hop journey. Unfulfilled contracts, major label red tape and industry setbacks kept the kid from pushing his music to the masses and living up to his own expectations. But the end of the rainbow is much brighter than the beginning, so enough with the past. Back to the future.

Keeping the streets flooded with music when he couldn't get it poppin' through his label, Vegas earned himself an underground reputation with a variety of mixtapes and mixtape appearances, including a publicized beef with DJ Clue? and Fabolous. Carving a mixtape niche for himself over the years, a buzz is never anything Vegas aka. The Prince of New York has ever had to worry about.

With his older cousin, NBA star Lamar Odom, Vegas helped craft the blueprint for Rich Soil Records, a joint venture between the two (headlined by the Queens emcee, of course) . With his label situation solidified once and for all, and his full-length debut album Who Needs A Pen? on the way, Vegas returns his old ways and mixtape habits.

Teaming up with fellow Queen's native Mixmaster DJ L-Gee, Ali Vegas aka. The Prince of New York aka. P.O.N.Y. To You Homey aka. 'Soon To Be King' is back on his mixtape grizzly, pumping out a mixtape that hits harder than a Mack truck. Breaking you off with more than 25 new and exclusive tracks, this mixtape is a long look into the eyes of a young emcee poised for his moment in the New York spotlight. Best believe if New York's gonna be brought back, this is where it starts: on the ground-level, with the rawest and hardest emcees in the city. Count Vegas in.

1 - Ali Vegas Intro
2 - You Already Know
3 - Life In The City
4 - Talk Tough (Kill Me)
5 - Bloodline
6 - A V Theme
7 - Where Was Y'all feat. St. Laz & Domination
8 - Niggaz Is Shifty
9 - The Game feat. F.L.A.
10 - Gangsta Shit
11 - Hit The Floor
12 - Stress (In The Hood)
13 - Younstas feat. Young TRL
14 - Reservoir Dogs feat. Genovese & Gustapo
15 - Ain't Nuttin' Up feat. Siah-Me'z
16 - Come On Now
17 - Don't Hate Me (Hustle Hard)
18 - Sounds Like She Singing feat. Ava Denera
19 - 7 Days feat. Whip Montez
20 - Ungrateful feat. Starchild
21 - Sheets & Pillows feat. Black Buddafly
22 - In The Air
23 - Time Has Come
24 - Ali Vegas Speaks
25 - Classic Specialist
26 - Ali Vegas Outro

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thx man $$$$

thx man $$$$
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thx alot for this post.

thx alot for this post.
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wellz na padada

wellz na padada

Ali Vegas, Yall know him, Say his name

Ay my cousin J-Chase's 2nd mixtape wsa hosted by ali vegas alis da shit. listen to his track winta snow on the wutang album "the Problem" from dj mathmatics, he rips it.