DJ Infamous And Bow Wow - Half Man Half Dog Part 2

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The little dood thinks hes a G Gut it up, soft it up, roll it up
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Let the young nigga grow up,

Let the young nigga grow up, Damn nigga kill me with the hate, dude must be something for ya'll to checkin out his mixtape
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Growth is a bitch

I aint gonna front the first 1 was hot he even said he aint no gangsta he just doing his thing i aint gonna hate on his shit it aint like he gotta rap anyway im gonna check it out Get Money nigga RIP J dilla ,Big Pun and Big L

Thank ya

Thanks for this tape, it's good
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So...part 2...

I just read all the comments on his "Half Man Half Dog" (pt. 1) mixtape...and WOW. Lot's of hate. But i understand. He can't be real. It's a fact. If you been making money since you were young 12(?) then all the stuff you (just now) started talking about is fake. AND you are mos def not hard. Stop acting like you are. take a note from Drake who has a Lil Wayne co-sign (which you are trying so desperately for and the person you are swagger-jacking) He really is trying WAY too hard to be Wayne. Not everyone can do what he does. Bow just needs to do him and not be so influenced by what is "popular". For someone who has 10+ years in the game he is far behind his "competition" in lyrical ability and creativity (and respect) i.e. Drake, Charles Hamilton, Cory Gunz, etc. I have had the privilege of actually hanging with Bow. He doesn't flex like this in person and is cool to chill with. Although we chilled a while back (in 2005, we were like 17) so he may have changed....but whatever
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This really isn't that bad, the tape is actually pretty hot. I knew it would be Infamous is that nigga. He just sounds fake as FUCK. for someone who says he isn't gangsta he sure does try. He can "rap" (there is still no proof that he is writing his own shit, last we heard he has/had a ghost writer) but his delivery is off. It's not him. He is in his lane, but he has his shit twisted. He may not be trying to be "gangsta" but he deinitely trying to be hard. Which we all know he is not. C'mon Bow. This is a good mixtape but let's try a little humility. People respect the "real" rapper. Not rappers that "keep it real". Be real with us and maybe you would have some respect and you wouldn't have to explain why we should. And get off that "swag" bullshit. it's a fad.