DJ Haze & The Game - BWS Radio Pt 5

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1. (00:03:14) Baggage Claim ft. The Game (Produced By Cookin Soul)
2. (00:03:53) Nightmares ft. The Game (Produced By Tre Beats)
3. (00:03:53) Compton Story ft The Game
4. (00:04:10) In These Streets
5. (00:00:11) Interlude ft The Game
6. (00:03:41) X.O. - Put Em To Bed
7. (00:03:11) Im So Hood ft. Juice
8. (00:03:21) Tell Em ft. Clyde Carson
9. (00:01:16) Swagger Like Jerz (Swagger Like Us Freestyle) ft. Nu Jersey Devil
10. (00:03:29) Reflection In The Mirror ft. Juice
11. (00:01:57) Smoke It Away ft. Clyde Carson
12. (00:03:03) Get Lifted
13. (00:04:23) All These Hoes ft. the Game & Kurupt (BONUS TRACK)

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yeaaa some real music !

yeaaa some real music ! thanks
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track #3 is sick fukin' shit!


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Goood Wellz

Goood Wellz

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If u dont like game so much

If u dont like game so much y u commenting on this page. no1 wanna hear ur bullshit, shut the fuck up if u aint gon download it

you niggaz is crazy

you niggaz is crazy


fuck game n b-s..i mean b-w-s...wonder how many times on this cd we gonna hear this dude screamin bout that same ol shit he goes on about like nigga wiv a rags...impalas or however the fuk u spell it or compton like evry1 4got where he fuck this fools from....YAWWWWWWN..ZZZZZZZ.zzzzzz....THIS GAME IS GETTING BORING

haha these fools are barely

haha these fools are barely at pt.5 after all this time i thought they were gone gggg-unit

BWS The New WestCoast Movement

Why do u people comment on music you don't fuck wit' Niggaz know they hate something or someone, but still take the time out to click on a certain page and write bullshit. U' People that's doin' all the hatin' looks really bad for that alone. What u' niggaz don't realize is when u' take the time out to HATE, then your enemy already won because his name is coming out of your mouth. THINK ABOUT THAT................

I agree..

I hate this website for one thing only, people commenting on mixtapes they haven't even downloaded! It's a waste of time trying to look for a comment about the tape itself... To me, this mixtape is a solid 7.5/10, Game's tracks are the only one's worth downloading... especially Compton Story (impersonating Slick Rick).

12 n 1 bonus???

damn this shit only got 13 trax and tha 13th is a bonus track!! shits fucked right now send me a message cos i got beats for days and give 26 instrumentals standard

12 n 1 bonus???

for real man there should be

for real man there should be more but im waiting for you know wat it is vol. 5 that should be fire

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niggaz wack son he been sayin the same thing for to long now man how many times he gonna use red rag and the unit in his raps fuckin fake ass mother fucker nigga quick up and kill u self


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Judging by your post, Canada

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My reply was to the Canuck,

My reply was to the Canuck, of course.


For the total of like 4 comments about the tape thanks for doing what this comment is for COMMENTS! I like The Game good tape, I do agree he needs new direction the whole Fuck the Unit and Dr. Dre this and that is old now but hey its what made him money so fuck it do what pays you. Off topic subject the whole Gay Gay guy thing isn't it old now for what 3 month now same old shit its not funny anymore either think something funnier or move on. Second what is this whole Canada shit about? i don't know I enjoy hip hop music but this whole who is more ghetto shit is stupid to me mayne its just me but I came from a ghetto city and busted my ass to have better for my self and one days for my kids. But hey thats me some people prefer to have nothing... But back to topic at hand if your a Game fan you'll like this but if your like me its just another repeat on same shit he says hopefully "You know what it is" will be good Josh
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Most of you younga cats may have NO EARTHLY idea wut im talking bout, but im looking for an old school (90's) West Coast rapper name (Gangsta/Gangster Dre). If ANY of you old heads (such as myself) have ANYTHING from him during the REAL BANGIN ERA....the 90's, PLEASE hit me up wit a private msg. PRECIATE IT!!!!!"Nuthn Happens Till Sumthn Moves!"




most of u peeps who hate on game like sum bs rap. Gucci mane? who tha fuck is THIS nigga? talkn bout "yeeeeeeeah..." fuck NO! n e ways, if ur hating on game, chances are its cuz u like listenin to that pussy ass rap about movin bricks or chickens or birds or whatever the fuck u wanna call coke now. get a real 16 and spit hard shit instead of the same old yappin about ur bankroll. bottom line is game is one of the sickest west coast rappers out right now outside of the classics.

yea man game is the best

yea man game is the best rapper out there...and who da fuck is g-unit??? fuckin flopp ass niggas

To all the people talking

To all the people talking that bullshit about game and 50 and this nigga needs to move on anyone hear that they actually agreed to do another track together and anyways to all those talkin shit go put on your little gucci bandanas and rock out to american boy or some shit rap been fake as hell lately and this is one of the few niggas bringing back what it used to be and if you dont like it let me put it how you'd understand lick me like a lollipop you fake ass bitches


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