DJ Haze And DJ Capcom Present Gucci Mane - Life Of A Trapstar 2

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1.Gucci Mane Ft. Germ General - Mr. White Boy
2.Gucci Mane - Ruff Out Here
3.Gucci Mane - Loud Outhere
4.OJ Da Juiceman - Amazing Lifestyle
5.Wooh Da Kid - Yeaaa Bitchhh
6.Wooh Da Kid - Geek Ass Nigga
7.OJ Da Juiceman - Bouldercrest
8.OJ Da Jluiceman - Washing Powder Money
9.Wooh Da Kid - Tape You Up
10.Wooh Da Kid - Drop It To The Floor
11.OJ Da Juiceman - Now Or Later Swag
12.Gucci Mane - Running Back (Hott!!)
13.Gucci Mane - Red Rags
14.Gucci Mane - Colors
15.Gucci Mane - Pants Stay Saggin
16.OJ Da Juiceman - Hitman
17.OJ Da Juiceman - Mailman
18.Gucci Mane - 4 Star Hotel
19.Gucci Mane - Do It Balla
20.Gucci Mane - Dope Boy Knots

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Free gucci!!!

Free gucci!!!
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Not Bad!

Some new shit, but ive had enough of all the fuckin effects like sirens in most these mixtapes!! FREE GUCCI