DJ Grind And Busta Rhymes - Gifted & Blessed


01. Busta Rhymes - Intro 0:47
02. Busta Rhymes - Dirty Psycho 2:53
03. Busta Rhymes - Look At Me 3:18
04. Busta Rhymes - Snitches 0:44
05. Busta Rhymes - You Got It 3:45
06. Busta Rhymes - Success 1:28
07. Busta Rhymes - Touch Ya Body 3:08
08. Busta Rhymes - I Have A Dream 2:07
09. Busta Rhymes - Mistakes 0:38
10. Busta Rhymes - Movement 4:12
11. Busta Rhymes - She Got It 3:04
12. Busta Rhymes - The Future 0:37
13. Busta Rhymes - Cookies 3:32
14. Busta Rhymes - In The House 4:28
15. Busta Rhymes - Ma Money 4:03
16. Busta Rhymes - Lights Out 2:15

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Shit iz STR8 CRACK

Shit iz STR8 CRACK

is that good or bad??? wtf??

is that good or bad??? wtf??

gud $

lol. that's good. -Yung TRiXX-


Dude, is this your first time listening to hip hop?? Corny mofo "You mean if something is "bad" then it really means it's good??" Hello Urkel, welcome to

my bad 4 the double post.

my bad 4 the double post. but yea, i got the tape and it's..ok. if u fux w/ busta, you fux wit the tape. -Yung TRiXX-


how duzz this shit compare to THE CROWN tape?? better or not as good??

nothing really new,kinda

nothing really new,kinda disappointed.
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fact, busta grew up in u.k

fact, busta grew up in u.k in morecambe then moved to blackpool before movin to u.s, that is a fact, he joined a group called leaders of new school and got an american accent overnight.