DJ Genius - Represent 4 Da Real 6 (Hosted By Travis Porter)


01 - Long Time Coming Intro - Dj Genius Travis Porte
02 - Upside Down - Travis Porter
03 - Like A Dog - Zaytoven Ft The Eragance
04 - Hello World - Nation
05 - Badd - Slimm Duddy Ft Mike Fresh Juney
06 - Smokin Drinkin - Travis Porter
08 - Jumpin Out The Gym - Lil Hot
09 - Where You Been - Stuntman Ft Shawty Lo Juney
10 - Zone 6 - Kirby The Hottest Ft Ge
12 - Dont Do That - Fly Guy Veto Ft Mike Fresh
13 - Travis Porter Interlude
14 - Go Shorty - Travis Porter
15 - Freeze Me - Young Dro
16 - Do What I Want - St Patrick Ft Yung La
17 - Swayin - Bama
18 - Money Over Here - Fresh 2 Def
19 - Go Hard - Kid Class
20 - Leanin - Mike Fresh
21 - Hotel - Travis Porter
22 - I Can Make U Famous - Mr Majestik
23 - Travis Porter Outro

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adamsville all day

forget these skinny jean wearin, mohawk cuttin, nigga aint hit puberty yet rappin ass kids. all that borderline if not gay shit aint whats happenin in atlanta. Its shit like this that make people really believe the A is the gay capital...SMDH.....its all your fault lil wayne...thanks alot!
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These dood look suspect as

These dood look suspect as fuck. They got that nigga rite up on the other dood Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Dey from gAyTL, you gotta just expect nigga's to be suspect in the g(A)y until proven not. not the other way around.. [ |_-GAYTL CUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]


lol, the kid in the purple look like jj from good times,dynomite!!!!
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I agree wit u theres alot of

I agree wit u theres alot of gay people out here. And i feel like they just makeing room 4 mo. By getting rid of the projects. But don't get it fuked up we still keep it hood from the Boulevard to ADV. Ride down MLK and start screaming gaylanta out the window see if you make it out. Shit come to the trap spot here in clay co see if you make it out.
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Deez fags need to quit wit dat shit. Ever since i heard that turned up shit, i cant stand hearin there shit. I aint even from the A but they makin that city look bad with those tight pants. Why a dude would wanna dress like a nigga that fucks another nigga is past me "I can't save the whole world, I'm just tryin to look after mine"
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LOL.......... Skinni sissi

I see niggaz wearin skinni shirts and jeans all the time, on campus and around town, ya'll don't know how much comedy that shit is! my homegirlz be in the mallz and ridin around and watchin theze nigga'z tryin to walk in these tight ass white boy rocker jeans and be like.. - This nigga know fukin well them pants was not made for a black man's ass or a black man dick, stop stuffin ya'll dicks and asses in them jeans and leave them damn jeanz for them lil dick, flat assed white boyz pleeeeaaazze lmao!!
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Its str8 music if you a

Its str8 music if you a college or high school kid. Back in my high school dayz we had crunk music like crime mobb, southside mafia etc i mean that has str8 go to the club and fight music. Thats the only reason we went 4 to fight then that just hype u up. At least this music does't make people want to fight. [[[Chopper in the trunk. Glock under the seat and shootgun ridding shootgun. I don't need no goons i got me.]]] Zone 1 to 6 i be everwhere
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u look good az hell but thez niggaz go ham and they bumpin in the car the pod mp3 watever go shorty go