DJ G-Spot , Rick Ross & Brisco - Dem Florida Boys

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. (00:00:32) DJ G-Spot - Dem Florida Boys (Intro)
2. (00:04:17) Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Swagga Like Us (Remix)
3. (00:02:53) Rick Ross - We At War
4. (00:04:50) Rick Ross Feat. Piccalo, DJ Khaled, Ace Hood & Lil Boosie - Vibe N
5. (00:04:39) Rick Ross Feat. Bloodsport & DJ Khaled - Put Ya Paper On It
6. (00:04:52) Rick Ross Feat. Triple C's - Ridin Thru The Ghetto
7. (00:04:16) Rick Ross Feat. DJ Khaled, Akon, Plies, Lil Boosie,
Trick Daddy, Ace Hood & Young Jeezy - Out Here Grindin
8. (00:03:09) Rick Ross & M.I.A. - paper Planes (Remix)
9. (00:00:31) Rick Ross - Nothing Matters
10. (00:03:32) Rick Ross Feat. The Game - Dope Boyz (Remix)
11. (00:03:25) Rick Ross Feat. Vic Damone - Go Hard
12. (00:03:09) Rick Ross Feat. Birdman - Pop That Pussy
13. (00:04:34) Brisco - I'm Back
14. (00:03:38) Brisco Feat. Nauseous - Real Recognize Real
15. (00:04:00) Brisco - Stuntin
16. (00:03:20) Brisco - This Is My Life
17. (00:03:07) Brisco Feat. Flo-Rida - Love
18. (00:04:40) Brisco Feat. Flo-Rida - Just Know Dat
19. (00:04:41) Brisco Feat. Lunch Money, Ballgreezy, Piccalo,
Ace Hood, C-Ride & Billy Blue - Get Grown (Remix)
20. (00:06:27) Brisco Feat. Rick Ross, Shawty Lo, Triple C's,
Flo-Rida & Birdman - This Is The Life (Remix)
21. (00:03:31) Brisco Feat. Billy Blue - Get Like Me
22. (00:00:12) DJ G-Spot - Dem Florida Boys (Outro)

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FIRST!!!! hahaha

people like the guy above me

people like the guy above me is the reason I hate coming to this site.

how can people say they real

how can people say they real and bump rick ross fake ass?? tha nigga was a cop and proll still a cop and he stole his name off a 100% real nigga named rick ross who was one of tha biggest coke dealers of all time. i hate niggaz gettin rich off another niggaz lifestyle fuck u bitch ross u fat faggot cop fuck boy

Ross was not really an form

Ross was not really an form of police ever. They already proved that that photo was a fake. That shit was staged why do you think no one remembers him or why there is not any paperwork. Come on man don't believe the hype just to hate on someone. He makes good music so if you like it listen to it, if not then move on to the next mixtape.

ya ur dont know what ur talkin bout

rick ross was a c.o. which means corrections OFFICER he was a prison cop still a cop why dont u listen to scarface and his new song "high powered" and learn the truth

Ricky Ricky Ross.... Correctional Officer

There is paperwork fuck boi, get off tha nigga meat. See 4 ur self



Its Aite

Its straight but I like the DJ Purfiya mixtape better


Yea u right my nigga. Purfiyas mixtape do go hard and reps hard but props to this DJ too



Mixtape is ok but like that other nigga said that DJ Purefiyah m

Mixtape is ok but like that other nigga said that DJ Purefiyah mixtape goes harder then a mutha