DJ Finesse - Take It Back Old School 5

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1. Imagination-Changes
2. Surface-Falling In Love
3. Central Line-Walking Into Sunshine
4. Patrice Rushen-Forget Me Nots
5. Gina Go Go-I Can't Face The Fact
6. Dynasty-Here I Am
7. Baby Face-I Love You Baby
8. Young & Company-I Like (What You Doing To Me)
9. Sinnamon-Thanks To You
10. Sister Sledge-He's The Greatest Dancer
11. I Level-Minefield
12. Black Ivory-Mainline
13. Martin Circus-Disco Circus
14. First Choice-Doctor Love
15. Chic-Le Freak
16. Strafe-Set It Off
17. Gap Band-She's A Bad Mama Jama
18. Indeep-Last Night A Dj Saved My Life
19. Cameo-Word Up
20. Michael Jackson & Rockwell-Somebody Watching Me

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This is the hardest shyt

This is the hardest shyt ever

i can't believe it!!!!!!!!!

i actually believe these niggas are scanning the cd case with the cover to keep us from being able to move units. what are ya'll niggaz jake or something that you can't simply scan the covers... thats how gay hip hop is as you see, ya'll bitches need to be bitch smacked..

thats not why they r

thats not why they r scanned. goto any mixtape store on the internet and you can get covers
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you can usually get the

you can usually get the covers buy clicking image on google browser, type in the mixtape 9 outa 10 times itll give u the image then enlarge it and save.

I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!

That niggas' a dumbass two comments down. Blazin mixtapes and every other site has covers, are they all one time too? Nah ur just another dumbass internet nigga that ain't got shit else to do but bag on a good site. Go elsewhere homie the site is bangin' like choppers.
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a change of pace

even tho we know the gap bad didn't make shes a bad mamma jamma, and babyface aint really old school, good up!!

this whats up..

love the classics mfizzle.. keep em coming.. maybe some neil armstrong joints if you can get your hands on em

There's nuthing better than

There's nuthing better than real classics. Thanks for that tape.