DJ Envy & DJ Whoo Kid Present Nutso - #Bangtime

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1. (00:03:02) Nutso Feat. Tre-Seven, GabGotcha & Dynasty - Gangstaz
2. (00:02:21) Nutso Feat. Taje & Gif Majorz - What Chu Talkin' Bout
3. (00:01:11) Nutso Feat. Nipsey Hussle & Iyaz - Blow Up
4. (00:00:45) Nutso Feat. Chuck Dangerouz - Yall Can't Ride Wit Uz
5. (00:01:27) DJ Mickey Knox Feat. Blaq Poet & Nutso - Let The Guns Blow
6. (00:02:30) Nutso - Side Streets
7. (00:02:38) DJ JS-1 Feat. iLLa Ghee, Guilty Simpson & Nutso - Queens Soldiers
8. (00:02:10) Camiliano Feat. Nutso & Thruway - Queens Shit
9. (00:02:23) Crazeology Feat. Blaq Poet, Kool Sphere & Nutso - NY Minute
10. (00:02:49) DJ Doom Feat. Pacewon, F.T., Punchline & Nutso - Flatline
11. (00:02:11) El Da Sensai Feat. Nutso & Soul Khan - Nu World (Remix)
12. (00:02:27) Dirt Platoon & Nutso - Double Shot
13. (00:06:04) DJ Concept - Southpaw Cipher
14. (00:01:16) DJ Doom & Nutso - U Belong 2 Me
15. (00:01:49) Nutso Feat. Capone-N-Noreaga, Royal Flush & Khadafi - Galaxy Of Queens
16. (00:02:23) Soulbrotha Feat. Nutso & Large Pro - Beats By The Pound

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Loose Screw

Nigga why you still in the 90's with your "coastal" music beef. really..I don't see you big'in up soulja boy, gucci ,dro or any other south rappers except from the few who is obvious. Like nigga get out the box you are free..

Dont get it twizted son

In the 90s the east was decent. I use to be a big fan of both coast being from the south and all. Im not the one stuck in the 90s, the eastcoast is. Yall still have the same ol flabby rappers from way back then tryin to make a comeback. 40yr old niggaz hittin the gym tryin to stay relevant and keep the eastcoast alive since the new lil niggaz aint worth a fuck! Thats why i say ya garbage. Dont get mad. And the same shit goes for the westcoast, even Dre changed his flow now! Lolz!! Down hea we stay grindin' mayne! New talent come out the south every month! Out of towners call it trash but then u catch'em in the club or in the slab bobbin they headz to this on the low. Stop frontin nigga ICU LMAO!