DJ E Stacks & Cyssero - Flight Mileage

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01. The Arrival
02. Remember
03. Baby Im Back (Letter To My Fans)
04. U Better Believe It
08. Say What I Want
09. Belly Of The Jungle
10. Hard Act To Follow
11. Me & My Bitches
12. Break U Down
13. Septembers Own
14. Take Flight(So High)
15. Let It Sing To Em'
16. Goin Inn
17. Popular Demand
18. Tick Tock
19. I Get It In
20. Jealousy
21. Living My Life

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Found a few tracks that I liked. The whole album got a mellow type sound to it. $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$

I fucks with Cys,

Most of these rappers from Philly can't go one bar with out killing, shooting or robbing someone. The other half are trying to rap like Meek. Cys can actually rap.
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Funny name tho this nigga

Funny name tho this nigga can spit but not my type of style. 3/5