DJ Drama Presents 100 Grand Man - Welcome To Baltimore (Gangsta Grillz Street Album)

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1. Intro
2. I'm From Baltimore (Prod. By D. Banks)
3. The Face Of Baltimore Feat. Tay Guns
4. Oh Yeah Feat. Smash & Test Me (Prod. By Nummy)
5. If It Ain't About Money Feat. The Luv Meds (Prod. By Nummy)
6. How Bout U (Prod. By D. Banks)
7. Sex, Money, Weed Feat. The Luv Meds & Bossman(Prod. By Train)
8. Breath Easy (Prod. By D. Banks)
9. I Got To Get It Feat. Chop (Prod. By Chop)
10. Get Wit Me Feat. Freeway & N.O.E. (Prod. By E Stacks)
11. Maniac Feat. Lil Jessy(Prod. By Akera The Great)
12. The Bars On Me (Prod. By Nummy)
13. Hearts Of Men (Prod. By D. Banks)
14. Watchout Feat. Supe & J.D. (Prod. By D. Banks)
15. Riding Fly (Prod. By J.G.)
16. 400 (Prod. By Lace & Kid)
17. We Got It Feat. Just Nate (Prod. By Calvo The Great)
18. In Your Arms (Prod. By D. Banks)
19. Wet Wet Feat. Nummy & Ty Recca (Bonus Track)

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Thanks for this

Been waitin on somethin other than the ordinary to be posted here. Almost like a breath of fresh air.. hope it's good. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Beats r Whack/Rhymes r Straight

Stop,Stop,Stop, Yo i'm from Bodymore and that Down South sound-a-like shit has to stop!!!. Niggaz in Bodymore are to slick for that down south sound.Not Taking away from da dirty,dirty,and not taking away from the cats that put this mixtape on the map for themselves and Bodymore,but the tempo and style of the dirty south's music is bullshit to me.So Please Bodymore fam,bring back that slick shit that we long for.(Hardcore,Grime,Gutta) cause there's nothin' charming about Charm City and you and me both know it!!!! West Bodymore,Murdaland/ Edmondson Ave. Nigga!!!!
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Let them do their thing?

There are plenty of Boltimore artist that have that north flava, these kats show an interest in southern hip hop, let them do their thing, its actually interesting to hear this type of shit from kats out there. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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give it a try...

im going to give this a try and hope this will be ok.
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This Shit Serious Baltimore

This Shit Serious Baltimore Music has been coming up in the last few years.IM supporting my own no matter what

yo i'm from down south

yo i'm from down south stayed in b'more for a min got a chance to check him out at a club one night.The songs he did sounded to much like down south but i'm feelin him.Album with drama its on now!!!