DJ Dolla Sign - Winter Warz Part 1: Battle For The Trap


1. Young Jeezy - Interview
2. Young Jeezy - Kobe, Lebron (Gucci Mane Oj Da Juiceman Diss)
3. Young Jeezy - Biggest Movie Ever
4. Gucci Mane - Interview
5. Gucci Mane Ft Snoop Dogg - Awesome
6. Gucci Mane Ft Lil Wayne - Steady Mobbin'
7. Gucci Mane Ft Oj Da Juiceman - Just Reup'd
8. Gucci Mane Ft Oj Da Juiceman - Tall Rims
9. Young Jeezy - Sunny Days
10. Young Jeezy Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne - Goin In
11. Gucci Mane - Wonderful
12. Gucci Mane - Gorgeous
13. Young Jeezy - Trappin' Aint Dead
14. Young Jeezy Ft Birdman Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - Always Strapped Remix
15. Young Jeezy Ft Lil Wayne & Playaz Circle - Stupid Remix
16. Gucci Mane - I Know Why
17. Gucci Mane Ft Jim Jones - Break Me Off
18. Gucci Mane Ft Tity Boi & Chubby Baby - We Get That
19. Young Jeezy - Might Just Blow That
20. Young Jeezy Ft Maino T-Pain - All The Above Remix
21. Gucci Mane Ft Lil Scrappy - Look Like This
22. Young Jeezy - She's A Lesbian
23. Young Jeezy - Stay Strapped (Gucci Mane Diss)
24. Gucci Mane - Round One (Young Jeezy Diss

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THATS WHATS UP!!! jeezy number 1 and im number 1 first hahahaha :)
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all a jeezy shit sound the same!
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Gucci Sound like shit and is redundant with his Lyrics and...

Gucci sounds like he talking through the exit end of an exhaust pipe the entire time, does this Nigga open his mouth when he talk? Maybe because he's from Alabama and they all slow out there or somethin.. Jeezy might sound the same but at least you can understand what the fuck he saying and it's as clear as day, with Gucci he sound like he trying to say somethin that ryhme and for a minute it sound tight then you actually find out what the fuck he saying and talkin about and it's Stupid as fuck, leave you scratchin yo head to why the fuk he even said dat shit and how is it relevant to anything at all?? And then he'll talk about that one thang for the whole song and the Song, i feel like my fuckin IQ be getting vacuumed outta me head as i listen............... When you a 5th grade drop out and a overrated and overglorified nigga like him i guess you can say what the fuck you want and nigga's will suck yo dick..................... And it aint strange that this nigga went to Prison and got famous overnight, before hand "NOBODY" listened to him, after he was indicted nigga got Famous.. ((((THANX TO THE 10 NIGGA'S IN GUCCI CAMP)))) That was formed to keep his name out there on the web, and in the streets, they created over 500 screennames all over the web and promoted the fuck outta this nigga giving artificial hype, going on all the Hiphop Forums, Mixtape sites, Youtube, Nigga had 20 Myspace pages, Blogs and nobody even knew they was being Brainwashed the entire time, they just assumed "This- is -the- hot- shit- to -listen- to -and -i must- listen -to -it because- so -many -people- are -talking -about- him)................. By the time he get a Album out nigga's will probably be tired of him. that nigga lame lol... ............. I ride around downtown A and hear this shit being bumped and be like.. ... Nigga's Catch a nut over anything.. The production is aiight tho. but c'mon now.. download the instrumental if you just listening for the Beat............... Thats what half da nigga's tell me that listen to Gucci and OJ like about they shit, THE BEAT DAWG.. The bEatz GO HARD!!!.. The Music Godz is Rolling the fuck over in dey gravez like Tazmanian devils right now................. (((((((((((((((((((OH YEAH.. JEEZY WON THE BATTLE)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Net Nerdz

Get a life fuck boy.. nobody readin thru all that fuck shit. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Get money nigga
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He/or she? did make a lot of sense but it's in pure bias

SOiceyENT wrote:
Get a life fuck boy.. nobody readin thru all that fuck shit. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Get money nigga
Whatever GayTL_09 is he/she made some interesting points, Gucci does have a serious speech impediment, and his Lyrics are almost like listening to a Toddler learn to speak complete sentences.. Jeezy Lyrics are a lil better but he does sound the same on most of his shit, you heard one mixtape/album and you heard em all from him.. But i must disagree on with everybody is the beats.. They Both have Generic Symphonic beats with a consistent but catchy bassline. It's almost a Signature ATL beat.. i can pretty much tell when somebody is from ATL or had something produced out there if it have that Certain Symphonic Slow Tempo Bassline to it.. It was catchy and nice when Lil Jon Started doing it and then i got tired of it and haven't listened to much of anything produced out of ATL in a long time.. T.I and Luda tend to break out of that and go get production from everywhere so i like they style over everybody else... GayTL_09 seems to have a Pure dislike for Gucci so it's his bias opinion.. I listen to mostly anything.. Gucci was aiight for a lil while then i jumped off the bandwagon and wanted real hip hop or something with substance so i don't listen to him or Jeezy much anymore. [Aye but YO.. The Tape is a 4 out of 10.. Get it if you like either artist, if you not a fan this wont make you be a fan of either one, Both of them have better mixtapes out.. Don't get this oen if your looking to see what Jeezy or Gucci is about.] [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

Gucci.. Love em or hate em

I could personally care less, and that's not a dig at you cuz but I don't get why these lame ass niggas be writin long ass paragraphs about a nigga they don't fuck wit. If you don't fuck wit Gucci then that's you, everybody got different taste, keep that shit movin. As for Gucci vs. Jeezy, I can't lie, Gucci my folk from E.A. my nigga hold it down for tha east but I still fuck wit Jeezy cuz he make that music a nigga can vibe too ya feel me plus my dawgs in Florida certify him as official but I don't know him like that. All these niggas gettin money while yall bitch ass niggas chosin sides thats funny $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Get money nigga
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they jus hatin. gucci da realest nigga in the game
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Bitch.. you stupid

Gucci from Ala FUCKIN BAMA.. (ALABAMA) That nigga Moved to Atlanta only like 7 years ago.. I don't even know why ATL wanna take credit for producin this nigga he lame as FUCK, need to take his ass Back to Bama and bump them Big ass nasty, crusty, crack head lips out there! Here in the GAyTL We love you for a lil while and throw yo ass away when you think you the shit.. If Gucci had a lil bit of Talent i'd give him some prop's, Only props i give him is finding all types of ways to get money, he better seek a way to get money without rappin soon! His Rap Career is on crutches.. Every Nigga that half way like this nigga gone download his Album when it drop lol thats how much love he gone get.. Nigga gone have about 80% of his would be sales in Bootlegs.. imma make sure it's provided too.
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money on my mind bitches dont really matter

he moved from birmingham to atl when he was in da 4th grade. ur a hater plain n simple. respect his grind. he might not be the best rapper or a lyricist, but he grinds harder than jus bout anybody. quit hatin n get money
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fresh like crest

dude above me is on gucci dick get off it and realize so icey is next
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track #23 is a classic dis song

Jeezy-"Your jewelery look like it came out the middle of the Mall." I will download this tape just 4 track 23.
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Listen man. Let me tell you

Listen man. Let me tell you the different between gucci and jeezy. First thing first Gucci straight I'm not even going to hate on the kid, he's about his money I bump that shit, Jeezy is that nigga hands down. Don't forget what y'all niggas was bumping before Gucci came on this mixtape shit. Everbody and they mommy was bumping that Jeezy and don't come on this website being fake. Y'all talking about Gucci this Gucci that, shit if you ask me they talking about the same shit, but Jeezy makes it clear for y'all slow ass niggas to understand, Jezzy is in a league of his own, Gucci in a league of his own. Everybody knows money,sex, and drugs sells hands down. Overall I bump Gucci and Jeezy, Jeezy word play is hard and beats, but Gucci beats is sick, and everybody knows all you need is a hard beat,a nice hook, and you got a track, that's not call hip-hop it's that new shit call trap-hop.

fake rapperz

both of these rapperz are fake hollywood bitches and they gonna burn in hell when they die 4 livin a lie
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I got luv for both of this cats here,

Matter of fact i got luv for all my niggaz keepin the south hot! But Gucci dont got shit on Jeezy. Gucci got some good ridin musik, good beatz n shit. But when it comes to lyrics Jeezy iz that nigga! Give it up gucci, before Jeezy puts a bounty on your head this time around.

Jeezy fake???

anyone saying ya boy is fake needs to be schooled on some real shit. BMF bankrolled that mans first album when he was going by LIL-J. call it how you want it, im just tellin you how it is. and as far as gucci goes, he doesn't see young. not on the beats or in the streets. all the man said was he would put up 10k for that mans BIGCAT chain in a song and thats all it took. boys all over were tryin to hit that lick. shit, the rest is history.

yea u right, niggas from

yea u right, niggas from everywhere was tryin to get that chain...hell dudes was scheming on that shit down here in fla. but u see that beef died down real quick when gucci bodied one of the dudes who came for the chain....u can say what u want about his rappin, but u cant call him fake
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Had to download it. I fuck with them both. They both real, they were cool and then they got into it. So of course they are going to hate on each other and of course some of yall are going to choose sides, like you fuck with them personally, it is what it is. Thanks for the up jada.