DJ Diggz , DJ Rated R & The Ill Spoken - How High (The Mixtape)

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01 How High (Intro) (prod. Man Mantis)
02 How Sick Am I (prod. Ben Bradley)
03 Do It Again (prod. DJ Osk)
04 Bring It On (feat. Wild Bill)
05 I Am Legend (feat. John Record) (prod. J. Glaze)
06 Open Ya Eyes (feat. Plain English) (prod. Anwar)
07 Tryna Get Blazed
08 Say Goodnight Freestyle (feat. Vintage)
09 Whatup Dilla
10 What It Is (feat. Franchise) (prod. J. Glaze)
11 The Hold Up
12 Child's Play Freestyle (feat. GhostWriter)
13 Same Old Shit (feat. Plain English)
14 The Real (prod. Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble)
15 Like Aaay! (prod. Anwar)
16 Know Bout That (prod. OJ Loopz)
17 The Ill Children (feat. Lip The Kid)
18 Ain't I Freestyle (feat. Big Will)
19 Gotcha Opin
20 The Outro (prod. J. Glaze)
21 Beedie - Instant Replay (prod. Upstate Boi)
22 EZ Mac - Crusin' (prod. Soul Theory)

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not first!!!1! haha, say

not first!!!1! haha, say sumthin!

Damn this shit is hot real

Damn this shit is hot real talk, y'all need to peep this.

is today whiteboy rapper

is today whiteboy rapper day? these b-rads look especially soft.

is today whiteboy rapper

is today whiteboy rapper day? these b-rads look especially soft.


is today whiteboy rapper day? these b-rads look especially soft.



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Nice point!

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I appreciate that homie.

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Damn this shit is crazy!

Damn this shit is crazy! Best mixtape of '08!

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these dudes is fuckin trash stop lyin to yourself... diggz and rated r are those dudes but these clowns just puttin that damper on the name