DJ Burn One & Starlito - Renaissance Gangster

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01. Starlito - Renaissance Gangster
02. Starlito - Alright
03. Starlito - January Wrist 2.0
04. Starlito - Weed Smoker Music
05. Starlito - What Was I Thinkin'
06. Starlito - Loud Deficit
07. Starlito - Tired Of Being Tired
08. Starlito - Happy To Be Here
09. Starlito - Coastin Streetmix
10. Starlito - Gh
11. Starlito - March 13Th

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This shits the best this website has seen since the last lito tape. Damn thats been a good min. Big up to Star.
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man All$tar aka $tarlito

man All$tar aka $tarlito goes hard once again wit smooth beats & on point lyrics...doin my city proud. {ice hang 2 my cock damn near 2 my legs, so bitches gotta bobsled just 2 give me head}
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Lito killed this shit this is a must d/l for sure cash money need to let this nigga drop his album and stop fuckn around this nigga is hungry... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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We got to have two more Birdman albums and get to Tha Carter 5 before Cashmoney will put out any gangsta shit. This is one of Allstars best tapes here, and thats saying alot. 10/10

Saint Assault Rifle LITO goes ham, you already know

****ima smoke until im high***** i aint even listen to this yet, but i already know lito is on point. idk why this nigga is still underground.
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Why all these good tapes

Why all these good tapes slippin to the second page in 1 day and some lame ass Ron Paul shit is stuck on the top of the site's front page?
And Mfizzle don't give me that Ron Paul was the last thing posted like you did last time, i think these nigga'z paying to be slapped up there on top, or its' your personal favorites.
      My final Saints Superbowl Video!
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      click my name and check all of em out
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exactly what ive been askin

exactly what ive been askin for the past few days...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...

waiting till march 13 is

waiting till march 13 is takin to long. does anyone thnink it will leak out b4 then?

take this mixtape money n

take this mixtape money n buy me a coupe, see im remindin u of what u tryinda do
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Made it through half of this already, its damn good. 9/10
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gave it a good listen

gave it a good listen through, not my style. he reminds me of feddie gibbs content wise but there's somethin about his flow and delivery that i cant get into. could just be me but to each his own. i will say this deserves to be on the front compared to the other shit on this site

hell yea im from cashville

hell yea im from cashville cashmoney slipped up not putting starlito out man