DJ Bobby Black - Rick Ross & T Pain (Crack Addiction)

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01. Dj Bobby Black feat. Rick Ross & T-Pain - Crack Addiction Intro
02. Ace Hood feat. Rick Ross & T- Pain - Cash Flow
03. Rick Ross feat. Shawty Lo, Brisco - This is the Life (Remix!!!!)
04. Shawty Lo feat. Rick Ross - Foolish(Remix!!!!!)
05. Titty Boi feat. Rick Ross - Ridin
06. Rick Ross feat. Shawnna - Money Make Me Cum(Remix!!!!)
07. Rick Ross Down & Dirty Interlude
08. Rick Ross - That Girl Freestyle
09. Twista feat. T-Pain - Creep Fast
10. Rick Ross feat. Mass Pike Myles - Just Holla
11. Brisco feat. T- Pain - Come Get Us
12. JC feat. Rick Ross - Tic Toc
13. 2 Pistols feat. Twista & LiL Kim - She Got it(Remix!!!!!)
14. T- Pain - Bang Bang
15. Scotty Boi feat. Rick Ross - New Money
16. Nox feat. Rick Ross - You Aint Never
17. BloodRaw feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross - Chevy Boyz
18. T-Pain feat. Juvenile - That's on everythang
19. Dj Bobby Black Outro
20. GrindMode feat. RicK Ross - I'm So High(Remix!!!!)
21. Sammie feat. T-Pain, LLoyd - She's Ready
22. RicK Ross Outro

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Fuck Rick Ross hes a snitch

Fuck Rick Ross hes a snitch that nigga was a cop

Wow, seriously? No wonder

Wow, seriously? No wonder rap is in the state that it's in. He goes out there and makes something of himself and he's a snitch. Well guess what, the whole don't snitch shit is pointless. It takes more lives and kills more families. People wonder why the ghettos are in such horrible shape. It's because people are so ignorant that they won't even turn to police to help them. How do you expect to have a better standard of living when you have people sitting there staying silent about brutal crimes? Anyone that supports don't snitch is destroying this country and should live in Iraq for a bit. Maybe then you will see what a country in chaos looks like and how that could be our path if we let it.


who cares?