DJ 5150 Presents Calliope Var - Superish


DJ 5150 hooks up with Calliope Var, one of the hottest artists to come out of
the Calliope Projects in years.

Representing uptown New Orlenas Calliope Var gives you 22 tracks of that real
life sh*t, with features from Currensy, C-Murder, Mr. Marcelo, Kayotic and more
N.O. natives!

1. Intro
2. Superish Ft.Mr. Marcelo, Ceto
3. Imma Gangsta
4. Var Speaks
5. Star In Da Flesh
6. Like Yea Ft. Mr. Marcelo
7. I'm On It,On It Ft. Mr. Marcelo
8. U Can Catch Me Ft.Mr.Marcelo And Curren$Y
9. Dreamin
10. Mastered Art Ft. KI's
11. Uptown Gangstaz Ft. Ld Herb
12. Home Of Dope Remix Ft. C-Murder, Kayotic, Popeye
13. Gunz Up Ft Mr. Marcelo
14. Movie Ft Mr. Marcelo, Kayotic
15. Gun On My Waist Ft. Bunz, Jerkaman
16. Never Change
17. Tommorow Ft.B Strezzy
18. Take Shots Ft. Curren$Y
19. Freshly Dressed Ft. Curren$Y
20. In My Projects Ft. Mr. Marcelo
21. Foolin Myself
22. Stop Lyin Ft.Ka$Hflow

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Anyone listen to this yet? Just downloaded it.
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not really that good it got a few tracks worth a listen at the end ill trash it....but he do hold it down for the city of N.O. some cats may like it tho $ pants on the ground lookn like fool with ah blunt in his mouth knot in his pocket.....
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This was nice!

While everybody into that Rock, Fruity trap, and pop hop swag, this nigga doing that grimey shit, i like that he working against the grain.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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