DC White - Dinner With The Plug


01 Dc White - Broke The Bank [Prod. By Db Bantino]
02 Dc White - James P [Prod. By Stribb]
03 Dc White - Walk On Water [Prod. By Machi Beats]
04 Dc White - Back Then [Prod. By Machi Beats]
05 Dc White - Drug Lord [Prod. By Chophouze]
06 Dc White - My Role [Prod. By London On The Track]
07 Dc White - Mr. Piano Man [Prod. By Markiz Rey]
08 Dc White - Amigo (Feat. Duke) [Prod. By Soj]
09 Dc White - Safe [Prod. By Cody Benihanas]
10 Dc White - Solid [Prod. By Machi Beats]
11 Dc White - Lost (Feat. Duke) [Prod. By Cody Benihanas]
12 Dc White - This 4 (Feat. Jose Guapo) [Prod. By Db Bantino]
13 Dc White - Da Other Side [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
14 Dc White - Up Da Road [Prod. By Stibb]
15 Dc White - Tru 2 Da Game (Feat. Black Boe) [Prod. By Chefry Kitchen]
16 Dc White - Pain [Prod. By Supa Lo]
17 Dc White - Trap Or Die [Prod. By Helluvalife]
18 Dc White - Take Ova [Prod. By Cody Benihanas]

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