Das Racist - Sit Down, Man


01 Wkcr Stretch And Bobbito Show W. Quincy Jones (Intro)
02 All Tan Everything (Featuring Jay-Z) (Produced By Sabzi)
03 Puerto Rican Cousins (Produced By Gordon Voidwell And Alex Kestner)
04 Hahahaha Jk_ (Produced By Boi-1Da)
05 Town Business (Featuring Kassa Overall) (Produced By Kassa Overall)
06 Commercial (Produced By Teengirl Fantasy)
07 People Are Strange (Produced By Devo Springsteen)
08 Luv It Mayne (Featuring Fat Tony & Bo P) (Produced By Tom Cruz)
09 Amazing (Featuring Lakutis) (Produced By Keepaway)
10 Fashion Party (With Chairlift) (Produced By Chairlift)
11 Rapping 2 U (Featuring Lakutis) (Produced By Sha-Leik The Engineer)
12 Rooftop (Featuring Despot) (Produced By Dame Grease)
13 Irresponsible (Featuring Lakutis) (Produced By Like Magic + Das Racist)
14 Return To Innocence (Produced By Dash Speaks)
15 Julia (The Very Best Remix) (Produced By Das Racist)
16 Roc Marciano Joint (Featuring Roc Marciano) (Produced By Mike Finito)
17 You Can Sell Anything (Produced By Diplo)
18 Sit Down, Man (Featuring El-P) (Produced By Scoop Deville)
19 Sit Down, People (By Dapwell And Quincy Jones)
20 Free Jazzmataz (Produced By Vijay Iyer And Das Racist) [Hidden Track]

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waterdawg's picture

what kinda fuckin name is this

are they just puttin up anything nowadays? We're being infiltrated again
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These dudes is fukn gay.

These dudes is fukn gay. They had a tape on here a few months ago that was fukn wack. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

this and the tape you are

this and the tape you are referring to are 100000 better than 99.99% of the bullshit dumb fucks like you eat up.
Mr.Southwest's picture

Dont worry

Im leaving @ 8 in the morining, and then when i get to the A, him and the other nikka's are gonna get they ass beat...Southwest Out!
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their last tape on here had about 3 decent songs on it but its definetly not a tape for someone whos into hardcore rap, more like a tape to smoke to or somethinPhilly Eagles
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thesituation47's picture

aight well since noone else

aight well since noone else will ill give it a listen and let everyone know how it is......Philly Eagles

Harold & Kumar Make a Mixtape

delivered just as well as their last tape. I liked it (7/10); but like i said of the last one, it's basically Harold & Kumar Make a Mixtape so if you don't like humor with your hip hop, you probably shouldn't download.
thesituation47's picture

way better

shut up dude was way better than this, didint keep any songs.....Philly Eagles
Bankhead561's picture

I enjoyed this

it has an consistant sound.its worth the download an i aggree with the guy on top. shut up dude was better.
sjdoom's picture


yyeee not as good as shut up dude i like these guys though there a breath of fresh air with all that gangsta shit on here i was hoping for a song like you outta know but nothing was really that amazing i liked rapping 2 u and hahahah jk? tho
Felix Mitchell's picture

Funny Ass Mixtape

Track #8 "Luv It Mayne". Track #10 "Fashion Party". Track #11 "Rapping 2 U". What the fuck is these ma fuckas rappin about. I ain't goin lye they had me laughin this a funnt ass mixtape. 0/5
Mr.Southwest's picture

Not Funny

Didnt find nothing funny about this shit, Just makes me wanna hate Purio ricans even more with this Ignorance.
corndog's picture


Stop hating, if you actually listen to the lyrics you'll here the artistic quality of most of their songs. I've heard people call these guys geniuses, but I just think they have talent. -R.I.P. Twelve A'Klok-
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Ririzzlm; some nice new kind of sounds/musick on this one right here.