Coast 2 Coast 63 (Hosted By Jay Rock)


1. Jay Rock - From The City
2. Lil Fats, Sha Stimuli, CyMarshall Law, Add 2, Jusmula, Miz & St. Laz - Coast 2 Coast Cypher 1 (Prod. by Young Asap)
3. 50 Cent - Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth
4. Sha Stimuli - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 8
5. Fabolous & The Game - Where Im From (Prod By Just Blaze)
6. Jay Rock - Blood Walk
7. Reks - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 4
8. Mims - Donkie Booty
9. Add 2 - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 2
10. Cool Nutz - The Beezy (The Miracle - Coming Jan. 20th)
11. CyMarshall Law - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 4
12. Busta Rhymes Feat. T-Pain - Hustlers Anthem
13. St. Laz - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 3
14. Lil Fats Feat. Jay Rock & K. Dot - We Dont Play (Prod By young Asap)
15. Drake Feat. Trey Songz - Sexy Clothes
16. Wiz Kalifah - Get Up Free
17. Lil Fats - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 20
18. Jay Rock - Ahead Of My Time
19. Avatar young Blaze Feat. Lil Wayne & Oshy - King Of The Streets
20. LieFocals - Good Drugs
21. Acoustic Minds - Unconditional Love
22. Statz 441 Feat. Lil Wayne - Outta Here
23. NEPHEWBLAQ - Mr.Swagadocious
24. Lee Kid - In It For a Change (Produced By Mr. H)
25. young Nature-I'M Renagator
26. Dynamic - Im Rich
27. Travisty - Put Em Up (
28. Jay Rock - Outro

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jay rocks coming hard. cant

jay rocks coming hard. cant wait for that album

Dont Give Coast 2 Coast Money

these mutherfuckers charged me $300 To put a track on last mixtape hosted by swizz beats.They Told Me I woiUld get x amount of cds with my investment. BULLSHIT IM STILL WAITING FOR THEM AND THEY PUTT OUT A NEW JOINT ALREADY!! FUCK COAST TO COAST THEY DO BAD BUSSINESS 4 REAL!!!!!

lol u got fucked

haha, the ppl at biggy jiggy mixtapes only charged me 75$ for 1 slot a few tapes back and the tape got like 25 000 downlaods on the net...u got fucked nigga! but they don't give u cds when u buy a slot though...still worth it

Suck A Dick Highhh Haterrrr

Suck a dick, yall is prolly wack swhy fats aint fuckin with you, he fuck you! ahaaa, come onn noww, coast2coast one of the hottest tapes out right now fam.... ...uhhh whaaa?? thats what i thought YOU WACK PERIOD! Mann these dudes out here complainin bout they little slots and whatnot, get on ya grind faggits, stop cryin and complaining that puts you in that 90% of wack muuufuckas in this game right now... hahahahaha 300 a slot NO TAPES ahahahah damnnnnnnnnn Wackkkk haha wackkk dudes... hahahah that shits toooo funny to us THE LOW! FATS WHATUP!
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yo son fuck you i never say

yo son fuck you i never say personal shit on here but seriously fuck you this kid is tryin 2 make it and all u can do is say fuck u u wack this and that FUCK YOUR ASS newsflash nobody has ever heard of theLowEnt thats what u r low class fuck u ur the hater. This cat was obvi grindin for that 3 hundo he put up what u think he just fell into it. If thats what coast 2 coast is about they crooks plan and simple they robbed him & idk about u but where i come from all the real dj's aint crooks they deliever on what they say IM OUT 1 LOVE

homie from the low ent is

homie from the low ent is down wit coast2coast...he just mad about that negative post...i went 2 his link and fats got a blog site up there...just do what u say u gonna do!