Chris Webby - Best In The Burbs (Hosted By Big Mike)

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1. (00:02:09) Breaking News (Intro) [Prod. The Insurgency]
2. (00:03:39) Problem (Feat. Big K.R.I.T.) [Prod. Big K.R.I.T.]
3. (00:04:37) Starry Eyed [Prod. Evo]
4. (00:03:29) Runaround Web [Prod. Statik Selektah]
5. (00:03:18) Crashing Down (Feat. Daniel Zavaro) [Prod. Daniel Zavaro]
6. (00:02:35) Can't Deny Me [Prod. Statik Selektah]
7. (00:03:29) OMG (On My Grind) (Feat. Miss Daja) [Prod. The Astronauts]
8. (00:04:24) Bulletproof (Feat. Joell Ortiz) [Prod. Evo]
9. (00:03:43) Roll [GP Productions]
10. (00:02:44) Get Loose [Prod. Statik Selektah]
11. (00:04:22) Almost There (Feat. Miss Daja) [Prod. Daniel Zavaro]
12. (00:03:57) They Already Know [Prod. Teddy Roxpin]
13. (00:03:47) I Got 'Em (Feat. Rotimi) [Prod. Instrumentel]
14. (00:03:20) Weirdo (Feat. Miss Daja) [Prod. The Astronauts]
15. (00:04:16) The Rain [Prod. Hunter Bouchard]
16. (00:04:04) Get By [Prod. Ski Beatz]

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don't sleep on dis white

don't sleep on dis white boy!!!AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."

this tape is tuff!

track 2 go so hawd..
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ZZZzzzz.... this tape is

ZZZzzzz.... this tape is garbage. right to the trash
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Dubz Bunny

BTFcru wrote:
ZZZzzzz.... this tape is garbage. right to the trash
That ain't lemon lime haterade you sippin on, that sh*ts peeepeee. Tapes tough, CT Stand Up 860 to the 203
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Sippin peeepeee????

Sippin peeepeee??? yeah this tapes about as tough as you are...
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Auto DL...

Chris Webby is sick!
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Yeah this white boy got

Yeah this white boy got skillz on the mic. It was worth checking out.