Chick Da Flyest - Me Against The World (Hosted By DJ 5150 & DJ Spinatik)

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01 The Walk-In
02 Spirit Of 2Pac
03 Road 2 Riches
04 Thank Me Later Feat. Erika Kayne
05 Marvelous Feat. Travis Porter
06 Follow Me Feat. Preme
07 Bad News
08 Jamaica
09 Fired Up
10 Phone Sexx Feat. Deno
11 Wonder Why
12 Tales 4Rm The Hood
13 Thug Holiday
14 Me Against The World
15 Judgement Day
16 Crazy Feat. Streetz
17 Fall (Soulful Muzik)

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this nigga call him self chick..lmfao $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$
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lol pass..

Yes im going to sleep on this shit.. fuck this... ZZzz
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real talk

this is pretty trash. he like every other rapper from the streets. he aint really that original at all.... just him talking about himself.
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I don't know what the fuck

I don't know what the fuck this is but if 3 niggas say pass imma have to pass. {The Golden State Stamp}

so long story short, your a

so long story short, your a follower and you need other niggas to make up your mind. this cd hot as fuck, props to this kid for goin in, DJ spinatik and 5150 did they thing
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Yeah i guess.. ppl always

Yeah i guess.. ppl always told to have an open mind but imma pass on this anyways. {The Golden State Stamp}