Chamillionaire Ft. DJ Quik & The Game - Ridin Dirty (West Coast Remix)

...The WEST COAST remix featuring The Game...

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This remix is shit. the worst remix for the song by far. dj quik sounds like shit and the game sounds even worse. the best thing about the song is the chorus by cham, which is still sub par. W-A-C-K
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do you think...i actually liked it lol


yeah man i was hopin it would be good, but the it was just shit, for me atleast. especially after the east coast version where everyone kills it (especially pap) and even the south remix where everyone kills it too. i felt the west coast rappers werent rappin fast enough or like it was forced together
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This remix is a hot mess it doesn't flow




Fair enough, its the weakest of all the versions, but it aint as bad as some people r makin it out 2b. in my opinion, da chorus let the song down a lil bit


a remix thats better than the original is hard to find and this one isnt for sure which kinda sux :

this is wack so is the

this is wack so is the game..

the games the future

The Games Lyrics were badazz. i didnt really pay attention enuff to chamillionaires or Dj quicks but they were ok, it wasnt the best West Coast remix but its still ok, the best one is this is how we do remix with Eazy E, Tupac, n the Game

Check it out.

Don't pay attention to the haters, this remix is tight. I'll admit Quik's not so great on this one, but he doesn't ruin it, and Cham and Game both spit fire.

this song blows

this song is a terrible remix but quik and game are sick as fuck. i agree the best remix is this is how we do too bad quik isnt in it cuz i think is one of the sickest.