Cashis - Hit Em Up (Cam'ron & Game DISS)

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dis dudes flowz r soo fukkin weak how da fukk he get signed. his flowz suck n he doesnt even sound good i feel like dissin him.

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this nigga above me is an idiot

and who the fuck are you? some hater on a mixtape torrent website?

fucking clown

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this nigga above me is cashis's boyfriend

nigga i been round n u need 2 wash dat ugly g-unit stick on tat. u think cashis hot man? dude fukkin wack he cant rap n he cant sound good on any beat but u obviously have no taste listenin 2 gorilla unit. i dont hate if a nigga got no talent imma say wat it is.

fucking chimp


one20se7en wrote:
I wish Cashis was here so i could suck his duck

you fuckin faggot, Cashis is wack

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yall can hate on dude all

yall can hate on dude all you want

Eminem didnt sign him because 3 faggots on arent "feeling him"

eat a dick pussys

haha how can u call sum1 a clown........

.........wen u got a g-unit tat?!

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I like some G-Unit stuff but

I like some G-Unit stuff but i gotta agree with dank here this song is pretty wack.

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wow is that the best shady records can do cuz i know d12 cant do any better il say hes the best thing out of shady camp and hes still whack hes barkin up the wrong tree if this is torwards Killa OR Hurricane all he wants is publicity cuz his cd keeps getting pushed the fuck back and he aint got no buzz hahahahahahah fuck gunit hahahah i really hope they dont respond to this guys cry for help

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Cashis is not signed with

Cashis is not signed with G-unit dumb fuck =\

lets be real,hatin or not

lets be real,hatin or not why the fuck this dude tryna diss game and cam...i mean they never even mentioned this clown.end of the day 90% of todays beef aint legit-it aint personal,its some bullshit they put on wax for entertainment and ultimately publicity.50 used piggybank before massacre.killa went at jay before killa season and there's 50 more in like the last year.problem wit this cashis motherfucka is that its painfully obvious hes gettin at these big dudes to make a buzz-cos right now i know his name ONLY cos he was signed by em and em dusnt sign just anybody...but nothing from this dude is more than aiite and these pussy disses he put out have backfired and i lost any respest i coulda had for him.i prey neither cam or game respond to this fag unless its like one bar sayin he a nobody-i mean sell an album first,or atleast get respected underground.gona take a miracle for this dude to drop and not flop-i.e.put em all over,how he sayin "yea ur boy done made it..." or wateva-u aint made shit,u just anutha artist tryna blow..but he at the bottom of list for real.ahhhh sorry boys,just had some shit to say!1

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wtf is this shit nigga

wtf is this shit nigga dissin cam and the game, its almost like he wants his career to be over... dumb muthafucka

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whhhhhhhhhhhat camron is

whhhhhhhhhhhat camron is fucking wack he cant rap for shit. that video dissin 50 cent has no flow and his rhymes are just terrible. he only had a few hits back in the day, so aint no one endin anyones carrer, especially camron.


This is a disgrace.


all u fuckin haters can suck a dick just like cahsis sayz ,cam and game cud never end cashis career cuz they aint on the dream team ,thats shady for all u mutherfuckas,this diss is sick Fuck Cam Who the fuck is he Killa(A.I.D.s) Just like 50 say u fucxing twots cam sucks

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a bunch of us cant stand dis fuk so he really does suck. i dunno how any1 could listen 2 his shit he sounds like shit, he cant flow, n he cant keep up wit any beat. u da hater cuz u on shady/gunit dick so u gon hate on cam n game n whoever else dey hate on. cashis musta sucked some dick 2 get a deal or somethin cuz there r a shitload of other rappers dat can piss on him n sound better snoring den cashis on his best day. cashis knows nobody likes him da only way he'll eva sell past 10,000 units is if em writes his whole album n is featured on half da trax so a buncha em fans will buy it. so u, 50 n cashless can suck ems dick all day n u can listen 2 da lies 50 tells u lil papsmear.

Lost my respect for this

Lost my respect for this dude when he said "now they look at me like Pac" on the last diss. mutha fucka hasnt even dropped an EP and he thinks he compares to pac?
Reppin CTown


Alot of hate for him but he aint that bad. i mean the whole dis thing is gay but hes definitely better then garbage ass Bobby Creekwater, I don't know how that dude got a deal. I would appreciate some more comments trashing Bobby Creekwater to make sure eminem dont think people are actually feelin that creekwater trash.

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alright - thats fine..

alright - thats fine.. EVERYONE can hate on Eminem's artists

I really dont know who you people think are dope rappers... NO BODY is putting out good shit anymore

Ive always stuck with Shady/Aftermath/G Unit - Ca$his definitely rides with Shady and Im cool with that - everyone has their own opinions and thoughts but fuck... why the FUCK does everyone have to be so negative?

10 out of the 12 posts are people talking shit... if you dont like the dude, move along - and go comment on some random Dipset mixtape or some Uncle Murder bullshit or whoever you think is hot... why not leave the comments for the fans? and people that acually feel the dudes shit ....

its all about "YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER IS WACK" back off of what I listen to and concentrate on your own shit

OK you faggot ass white boy

OK you faggot ass white boy

vv READ vv

''..rap is like wrestling, everything is FAKE, but its a good pussy getta and the cash is great...'' - Tony Yayo G-Unit Radio Part 8

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who the fuck is white? its

who the fuck is white? aint me you fucking 2 dollar crack whore

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nobodys putting out good

nobodys putting out good shit anymore? bullshit
and what kind of black guy has a stupid little fag cartoon for a picture...and call someone a 2 dollar crack whore?

and I stay high and I still got my diploma and I still get that maggie on me like homer

Carlton Banks is a lot

Carlton Banks is a lot better...

"leave the comments for the fans?"

"ive always stuck with Shady/Aftermath/Gunit" see its people like you that cause most rappers to not be innovative and keep releasing mediocre bullshit, because they know they got enough dick riders to pay the bills. Forums are not about sticking behind your favorite artist, they are about letting them know your opinion on the music. Cashis flow is decent, but putting out a beef record that should have been done 2 years ago is gay and its not going to pay off for him.

all these new G-Unit bitches are terrible

(creekwater, hot rod, cashis, etc..)






cashis is wack i'm yet to hear a good track by him.

game will shit on him if he even replys which i doubt he will

as for cam he aint got shit!