Zilla Rocca - Bring Me The Head Of Zilla Rocca


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01 Proper F_ Nex Milen (Prod By Alex Wood)
02 The First Order Of Business (Prod By Grff)
03 Flow God Zilla F_ Nex Millen (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
04 Hit 'em Freestyle
05 Nada F_ Nex Millen (Prod By Alex Wood)
06 All Feast No Famine F_ Ask_, Magr (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
07 State Of Grace Freestyle
08 Catch The Beat Interlude (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
09 Cup Runneth Sgb Remix F_ Nex Millen (Prod By Nex Millen)
10 Sunbathing Bitches F_ Mally From The 612 (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
11 Never Change Freestyle
12 Bangladesh F_ Sup, Slim Dsm (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
13 Pepsi With Ice (Prod By Alex Wood)
14 Good Girls F_ Mally From The 612, 2Ew Gunn Ciz (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
15 I Never Loved Her Pt. 2
16 Rat Pack Rap F_ Magr, Nico The Beast (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
17 Lobster Dinner Interlude (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
18 Vaguely Jamaican
19 The Big Guns Upstairs F_ Nico The Beast, Triple Nickels (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
20 Sick Fuck (Prod By Evolve One)
21 Get That Gun F_ Nico The Beast, Reef The Lost Cauze (Prod By Zilla Rocca)
22 Raw To The Floor F_ Nico The Beast

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i dont know any of this niggaz try agian on the cover im gonna pass on this

yo this shit is hot fire

yo this shit is hot fire comin from a dude in philly. ive been listenin to it for like a week now. tracks 5,6,13,&16 the ones to check out. and the cover is hot ASK? always comin with some hot designs, just read into the concepts. so u need to take back that "wack" comment and actually listen before u judging by names.


i downloaded this just cuz i never heard of this guy and wanted to give this guy a chance. i think that lyrically this mixtape is not on point but the beats produced by zilla are all crack. he shud def stick to producing. i give this mixtape a 6.5/10...maybe a 7 seven on a sunny morning. lol

Honesty is a rarity

Folks: Thanks for listening to the tape and giving your honest feedback! Check out my blog for more free shit, t-shirts, show dates, etc. if it's a "sunny morning" and you're feeling so inclined lol! Be good and thanks for checking it out, for real.