B.o.B. Feat Hayley Williams & Eminem - Airplanes Pt. 2

The Adventures of Bobby Ray drops April 27th

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Finally some new Eminem! The song is amazing. Halely Williams has an amazing voice and B.o.B is actually pretty strong on this. Em though sounds back like on the Marshall Mathers LP he is on his shit. The song isn't your normal hiphop which is a nice change
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Listen to this shit here: http://www.4shared.com/audio/hHD4hG99/BoB_-_Airplanes_pt_2_ft_Eminem.html
Save your time downloading it..
this shit is pure "GARBAGE" this nigga is showing more and more suspect with each dropped leak, the fuck this type of shit is this? Nick-Teen Pop rap? if you a white rebel bitch lookin to delve into something similar to rap this might be for you.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *

[- Avoid the ignorance -]

[- Avoid the ignorance -] Maybe you should take your own advice, if someone wanted you opinion in life, they would ask you. So keep trying to look like a pretty bitch for a living.

I havn't even heard the

I havn't even heard the song... Just I'm sure what ever you listen to isn't any better.

songs hot, buddy's a hater...

songs hot, buddy's a hater... Respect your elders son

if I said " if you a black

if I said " if you a black rebel bitch lookin to delve into something similar to rap this might be for you." I'm pretty sure you would find that racist. So why do you think it's not racist if you say it about white people. I believe white people are definitely going to be a minority, well they already are.
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damn crakaz

Why da fuk you going on and on about a fuckin comment made dayz ago?..... just shut the fuck up cracka bitch! 5 fukin comments under that niggas 1 comment?? calm da fuck down! shit! you all ass hurt because yo favorite NIGGER b.o.b gettin clowned, ya'll cracka'z suddenly adopted this faggot fuck because he makes ya'll type of music now with him and this white ass Hanna Montana bitch.. All these tight wearin jean fucka'z comin out the wood works defending a faggot.

I didn't mention b.o.b...

I didn't mention b.o.b... there's 3 ppl in it... not Just b.o.b... I don't wear tight jeans. What goes around is all around ... peace. but b.o.b. is straight with me, blew up off auto-tune on the gta4 soundtrack as far I kno

Now Whole'Up

B.o.B. ain't no fuck nigga as far as I've heard. Half of his material is commercial. The other half is straight FIRE! I haven't heard a nigga flow as hard as this nigga in a while. If you haven't heard the B.o.B. vs Bobby Ray mixtape yet, you slippin my nigga. Once you hear the mixtape you'll learn that there's more than one side to this dude. He's truly talented. "...Why do I have feet? "
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Damn Bun stopped worki'n with B.o.B and dis nukka'z true colors show'n, his music for white people mane, B.o.B a sellout.. nig is str8 up bogus, stop postin his shit man.


oh jus cuz he's maken "white music" he's a sellout? quit hate'n on money maken niggas you'd do the same shit if it put doe in your busted ass jeans.
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ill give you guys that on this one but B.O.B. is nice! dude is multi-talented as hell! hes just experimentin with all sorts of types of music. google the specials thats been on and his interviews. he didnt grow up listenin to the more hard core hiphop. and yeah he did grow up on alot of white music. LOL! but dude is still talented as hell if you look into his shit. i mean cmon, TI signed him... this track is pretty pop tho. and i was surprised to see em on it for sure... but the verse content is more than decent
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B.o.B is different. You can't go into his songs lookin' for some 2Pac, Wu-Tang, Biggie, Rakim, N.W.A, or any of that. He is his own person and does his own music. Now i do agree that his mixtapes are better than the leaked material so far, but this isn't bad. Although i do feel i am most likely goin' to be disappointed a lil with his album. But it's a good track. You havta appreciate the deepness of it. O yea Eminem gets pretty emotional with his verse. But his flow was a lil boring, but still good verse by him.

Damn Shame

If Wayne was on this track then everybody would be all over this. This is good MUSIC...period. "You can't be hard all the time"


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this may not be some shit to play in the hood haha....but he will be around for a long time i think so...BOB VS. BOBBY RAY his best shit i heard from him....make that paper b.o.b, TI must love his music... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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B.o.B used to be aiight

he fallin off now, i guess he gearin for a different audience, i gotta pass on this, lately he's been puttin soft shit out, look like he catering to the white folk nowadays, i see mostly white kats and his loyal tight jean wearin fans the only onez givin this some love. - Reppin H-Town By way of N.O.(K-Ville) -
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Nevered really like this dude either. I just cant relate to this type of muzik. Sorry.
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shits nice

shits nice
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Shit B.o.B is expermenting

Shit B.o.B is expermenting so I think it is okay at least he goes hard and so does eminem .. Who the fuck cares if it is popish I think it is a good track ~>////ArKm AsYlM\\\\ L.A.
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Jennifer Lopez wuz just on

Jennifer Lopez wuz just on David Letterman, her ass got fater! Donkey Donk. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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B.O.B got something good going for him!! Venturing out and evoloving his sound will only spread his music to a more diverse crowd!!! Like Wiz said " while you niggas busy tryin to fit in, Imma stand out!"
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co sign

everybody aint a gangsta fool. rap songs these days all sound the same. as soon as somebody tries somethin different he's a sellout. now nelly was a sellout doin songs wit tim mcgraw and shit. from b.o.b's mixtapes u really couldnt tell how he would come out as an artist. andre 3k got all kind of white folks songs. shit, when they dropped love below/speakerboxxx, big boi was gettin play on BET and andre was gettin MAJOR on TRL.
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LOL @ Ya'll thinkin this some new shit he's doing

Ya'll are really convinced this is some new territory B.O.B is touching?
Rappers have dabbled with Soft pop, teenie bop or (Hip Pop) pussy shit for years, this aint nothin new he's doing, he's just decided to dedicate his career to it..
Shit i could name a few artist that collab'd with Pop artist before and made shit like this.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
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I tried to rock with

I tried to rock with BOB...but I just aint feelin dude! I wish him the best though! He aint even comparable to Dre3000 in my book! Not my cup of tea(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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B.o.B tries different things

B.o.B has a nice style. Yes, he is not the typical hip-hop born and bred kinda rapper. But, that doesn't take anything away from his skills. I actually think it makes him that much better. And just because he's working with the chick from Paramore does not make him a sell out. Nobody was saying that shit when Jay-Z worked with Linkin Park were they? *I don't have haters....only upset fans*
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shit lame

Wut more is there to say? it wuz a bad song from beginning to end, shit wasn't even lyrical, it was more singin in this than that otha soft shit he got -beautiful girls- he rely on pop and R&B singers to make up for his shortcommings which is lack of writing skill, nukka is good on 10% of his albums the rest be trash, not worth bein into that nukka
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that pop sound was kinda weird but em killed itt


now if LIL WAYNE did this shit he would get 5 stars and a slap on the ass no homo but since bob did this he a sale out and he has songs like this on his mixtapes... i dont like the song cause the fact he has hannah montana sister on the hook or whoever the fuck she is

Fuck this shit.

Em got killed by Canibus on his new shit anyway.
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Canibus sucks dick wtf you talkin' bout
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haha. Who ever said crime

haha. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

I'll take my Canibus, you

I'll take my Canibus, you can have O Gay and Cucci Mane.
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Make something very clear...

To end this whole debate. Eminem is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE. There is no debating it. There is nothing to discuss. His lyrics eat up ANYONE, ANYTIME. It would be pitiful to say that any rapper alive right now has skill that is better than Eminem. I mean, just stop debating here and go compare lyrics with any rapper and Eminem will EAT them.
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Pretty sure no one here was debating or has a problem at all with Eminem, it's all about B.o.B, Em was never brought up, i think some of ya'll only saw EM's name on this tape and took the insults as a blow to Em instead.. Em shouldn't even be in the same lab as B.o.B i don't even know why he even blessed him with a verse on this shit.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
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A-Men to that. The only

A-Men to that. The only thing I will say about this track is B.O.B will pull in some bank with it. You know its tha kind of track that will hit the mainstream and blow the fuck up. Wit Em on it, it's a guaranteed moneymaker.
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hell to the muthafucken yea!!