Billy Blue - Wake N Bake (Hosted By DJ Smokey Bear & Big Chuck)


1. Wake N Bake Intro
2. Billy Blue - 7 Of Purp Ft. Ballgreezy
3. Billy Blue - One More Round
4. Billy Blue - Wind Beneath My Wings
5. Billy Blue - We Burnin Ft. Ghostwridah & Brisco
6. Billy Blue - Ill Be Around Ft. Trick Daddy
7. Billy Blue - Insane
8. Billy Blue - Zone In
9. Billy Blue - Been Here Before Ft. Dj Kore
10. Wake N Bake Outro

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My nigga Billy Blue reppin

My nigga Billy Blue reppin that trey oh five this shit fuckin Dope go get his other tapes too...shit wake n bake is the best high of tha day unless you smokin' reggie miller hahahaha

Here go that Billy Blue:Im

Here go that Billy Blue:Im Just Me vid. im tellin' this nigga Raw