AyyDee aka A.D. - I Wish I Was A Baller...My Demo



Preview: 12.Accordian Flow [Prod. Madlib]

1. Intro ---------------------------------------- :41
2. No Hook [Prod. Nick James] ------------------ 1:12
3. Think Twice (J-Dilla Tribute) [Prod. J-Dilla]-1:33
4. Never Change ------------------------------- 2:03
5. In My Dreams -------------------------------- 2:42
6. Females These Days [Prod. T-Pain] ----------- 1:55
7. Don't Ask No Question [Prod. Grimm Team] ---- 2:32
8. Front Street [Prod. Hi-Tek] ---------------- 2:13
9. Zested aka Fucked Up [Prod. David Banner] --- 2:14
10.Nowhere 2 Run (Original) [Prod. MIDI Marc] -- 1:09
11.Glow Flow [Prod. Jake One] ------------------ 1:46
12.Accordian Flow [Prod. Madlib] --------------- 1:54
13.The Allure [Prod. The Neptunes] ------------- 3:10
14.Nowhere 2 Run (New Mix) [Prod. AyyDee] ------ 2:58
15.God Like [Prod. Jake One] ------------------- 1:21
16.iNeedYou2HateMe [Prod. Johnny Juliano] ------ 2:01
17.Handlin' Business --------------------------- 1:07
18.Untitled Beat #1 [Prod. AyyDee] ------------- 1:48
19.Untitled Beat #2 [Prod. AyyDee] ------------- 4:33
20.Untitled Beat #3 [Prod. AyyDee] ------------- 1:38
21.Untitled Beat #4 [Prod. AyyDee] ------------- 1:30
22.Untitled Beat #5 [Prod. AyyDee] -------------- :37
23.Untitled Beat #6 [Prod. AyyDee] ------------- 1:20

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yeeeaahh this for the bench

yeeeaahh this for the bench warmers your daddy said he wish he had a daughter damn u is a reflection of your father i bet that u wish u was a baller gucci

Too bad you too much of a

Too bad you too much of a bitch to put a name or even a link up.
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lol, i think that he is gay.....

look at the pic, a friend of mine pointed it out.....look closely grasshopper. And I did, post my name. email is:d_aphilliates@yahoo.com, same goes 4 the IM. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see so called "hard body

I see so called "hard body niggas" live on the internet now. If you wasn't too busy judging what another nigga look like, maybe you would have time to have a life. You need to do somethin' better wit ya time
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U get that shit right girl. Work it. Just like a Queen would. Until u get a name like Drama or Cannon under you, rather b4 u, then keep working that runway with Tyra and Miss J. Cause Girl, u DON'T Have it. U r ok. But, I would rather be on a bed of needles and Michel'le playing the the background crying about NO More Lies. be4 I will push your CD. Hell, any name be4 u would b good. But what ????? u didn't swollow? Come on player :(

Damn, nigga...you talkin'

Damn, nigga...you talkin' bout somebody gay. I don't have it? Do you have it muhfucka? I ain't ask you to push my CD. Do you rap, cuz I wanna hear your wack shit. Oh, that's right...you too much of a bitch
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Fan Fair

is that what u r trying to cause? well he must b something, cuz they got this going. I don't know him. But I guess u didn't have enough knee padding 2 hit Drama or Cannon,try again. I hear Boy George is looking 4 a new Boy.He like them dum and weak. Oh that is right, that is u. NO OFFENSE TO DRAMA, CANNON OR ANY OTHER APHILLITES. BUT WITHOUT YOUR NAME BEHIND IT. IT'S NOT WORTH THE BANDWIDTH. AT LEAST NOT HERE IN INDY
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Pushing shit

Though we all know it happens, downloading shit, but Drama and Cannon r the HOTTEST SHIT HERE. BY FAR. Now, I know u didn't think that I would leave them out did ya? The state ain't shit, but the ppl r, that is people are, in cause u had your eyes close while u r sucking. Drama and Cannon and the other mixtape Artist have a name and sell. U, Babyboo, need 2 get the smell of Similac off ur breath b4 u start talking about being a "Balllicker", i mean "Ball tosser" , sorry, "Ball Handler", dam, "Baller"

You can sit up here & type

You can sit up here & type paragraphs to yaself all day...cuz I see you ain't got nuthin' better to do
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Females These Days

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what is your problem?

what is your problem?
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No Prob

I have no prob with this Nig, but when u come hard, come hard as u possibly can. he choose to come as soft as Beyonce and left like Tina Turner. A real man can carry his own. A real rapper can make a beat longer then a min, though it's a mixtape, ok, yes yes, samples, and what not, but B a MAN not a bitch I wish him all the luck in the world, I really do, I am not against the brother, let me state that again. if some one is willing 2 go out there and make a name for himself, I give him his props. But we, as the people who can make or break a career, expect more. Honestly. If u would want 2 drive around in your whip with this, as it stands now. Then fine, but I want more. and I am sure that the other do 2


you do realize this is a mixtape forum and not hot-or-not.com . how you gonna call somebody gay when you in a mixtape forum judging a nigga on looks. and to think i risk life and limb fighting for you stupid fucks.....I feel stupid for even correcting one of you ignorant cats but, you make it so fucking hard. Here we have a cat who dropped a mixtape and had enough balls to share with the world and instead of congratulating him or even giving him some advice, you go out of your way to diss him. stop playing yourself and please stop going out of your way to be a sack biter.

my name is gucci mane bitch

my name is gucci mane bitch
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Good Luck

I'll tell you what, this is the way to get yourself out on the market. I wish you the best of luck. Constructive Critique: On "The Allure"-- take some notes on yourself. If you keep that flow for a full tape, I think you definitely could put together some good material. Good Luck!

Thanks for the

Thanks for the feedback...I'm still tryna perfect my flow... any feedback is appreciated Thanks to the haters as well
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no doubt.

no doubt.

Stop hating, congradualte some times...geez

Honestly i think rather than critizing him, ya'll should atleast give him tips and q's how to improve other than dissing his lyrics. For those who are bashing him, I want to hear your demo. Not alot are privillage to work with people with those names as cannon or drama but as a hip hop fan, yall should respect his struggle and stop trying to bump his hustle...on the reals...
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ok, ok, I hear ya, But / yet, if I am gonna spend the bandwidth on this, then let it be something worth somethin. u feel me. Let it be a hard, even for a unknown artist. Even Drake came out hard, Willie the Kid came out hard, Gemstar, even thou they were with Drama and Cannon, they came out hard, Drake, a NON US, came out hard. Demo, kewl. Kewl.Tough luv baby, nothing but tough luv

chill it indy

we get it nigga. ur a bitch about your bandwidth. if drama and cannon the only ones you fuck wit then why are you here doubtin this nigga. he's followin a dream, while you sittin at home tryna punk em cuz you aint got the balls to do shit about your fucked up chasm you call life. go swallow a knife bro. But yeah, props to my dude, i aint heard this yet but when i hear it i'll come back. Dont give up though, hip hop needs warriors.

Ay, if you wanna degrade me,

Ay, if you wanna degrade me, do you. I ain't gotta really prove myself to you. You come out the blue on some gay shit. When you start comparing someone to another person, that's the mistake. I'm not tryna be nobody else. If you took time to find out some things, you will know I do this in my leisure time. At the crib, I just spit what I feel. I ain't tryna prove nuthin'. I ain't gon cry like a lil' girl over what you sayin' ya feel me? So, you sayin' you heard all those artist shit from when they was recordin' in they house 6, 7 years b4 they started gettin' a buzz? Do you know how long they was rappin'? You think they just picked up a mic & started killin' shit from day one? It's an art, my nigga. Some people can rip shit soon as they get in the stu. Check up on them rappers you named & see how long they been rappin'. I bet most of 'em ain't start off soundin' like they do now. Or spit crazy bars like they do now. Why you keep talkin' bout Drama & Cannon? They don't make the rappers. I ain't been rappin' since I was a kid & shit. I ain't even brag or boastin' bout "I'm one of the best". I ain't no soft ass nigga, and I don't care bout what another nigga do. And, since you wanna name DRAKE...how bout this line he spit "I ran with a style, when other niggas clowned it"...look where he at now.


LOL I read all the way down to here and after this comment of yours Im feelin ya homie...im gonna check your shit out. Good luck with your shit nigga, keep grindin n learnin Peace yall

chyea chyea chyea this for

chyea chyea chyea this for the benwarmers


Ok, I downloaded expecting something other than what i got. I will be completely honest my nigga, I liked it. I actually liked it. I think you have shown much potential on this demo. For real. Production ability is something I would imagine you could be very successful with if you are motivated to pursue it. Lyrically, i found you only need to "relax" a little more in your flow, something that will come in time no doubt. Content was not poor by any means either. Good start. I wish you all the best homie, i'll be looking out for ya shitin the future. Peace yall

Appreciate the honesty.

Appreciate the honesty. Whether you was feelin' it or not. On my next tape, I will give you somethin' you can really talk about. Somethin' you can really bump. But, one thing you can never say about me is that I'm tryna be somethin' I'm not. I'm an everyday nigga that hustles & struggles like most of ya'll. I don't have it all. I know I'm not the best in rap or one of the best. I admit, I did come kinda soft on this tape. But , then again it's just random tracks I spit & bundled 'em together. But, like I said, next tape it's a rap. Shout to everybody, includin' d_aphilliates...whether you hate me or not. Thanks for the criticism, cuz it's only gon make me step my game up. 1

And, I do plan on puttin'

And, I do plan on puttin' out a instrumental tape, with longer beats, better quality. If niggas wanna spit on 'em...or collab. Or whatever. Aight, I'm gon
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honest hip hop

Congratulations on entering tha mixtape genre...if you wanna be accepted by everyone, join tha marines....otherwise keep doin' whut you do, accept tha hatas, and embrace tha honesty. Ur musik is never gonna be 100% from evry1, but don't stop doin it. I appreciate anyone that ups a indie m/t on tha luv, cuz that means U feel it's good enuff to share. I enjoy'd a few trakks, lookin' 4ward to postin' myne so I too can have some hatas with major producer names commentin' on my artwork. Remember, without positive feedback and/or hatas, there's no motivation

That's real talk right

That's real talk right there...I really understand that now that I've put it out there. I realize you can never get on that high horse...cuz u never know when someone is gonna knock you off...but, still...you gotta have some kinda confidence in yaself...it takes time for some people, or most rather. I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it at least...and I'm lookin' forward to seein' ya music on here as well, homie. Stay up, AyyDee
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I stand Corrected.

I had thought that I knew what the hell I was talking about. I mean, Here i am "Blasting" someone off 1 track. But in reality, it good. My ipod was connect and your album had somehow got sync'ed. Call it what u want, I don't know. In anycase, I am at work, busting my but, throw on the headphone and what ???? ALL MY MUSIC IS GONE, EXCEPT YOUR ALBUM. MAN, what a day, I thought. SO I played it, for 8 hrs, i know, i know, but trust me, you need something to listen to at my job else you go crazy. And I must admit, I liked it. Though,as with every CD, there will always be one song on there that you don't like, and it was that song that I came out the gate with u wrong. and for that, I want to be a man and say I am sorry. Though, when I did figure out what had happen, my shyt got moved to movies and not music, folder, I just laughed and shook my head. In any case. I apologize. 1

I was lettin' it get to me &

I was lettin' it get to me & shit...but, then I left it. Came back after I thought about it. I ain't got no hate towards you or anybody else on here...cuz, I don't know ya'll. I know everyone is gonna feel me or my music. But, I appreciate the honesty you gave from the jump...cuz it made me re-think my game plan. I'm already startin' on my next mixtape. It will definitely be somethin' that you will feel..but, like you said..there are gonna be tracks you don't like. Ain't no hard feelings bout it homie. You got your opinions, you know? It's a big world. I'm not gonna supply what everyone needs in music. I'm glad that happened & you got to hear it & enjoy it. Like I said, I did this tape for fun, I called it a "demo" because it was for the people to get an idea of what I need to work on & so forth. I was holdin' back on the tracks...but the next one will much more content, and I'm not taking any prisoners...thanks to everybody who downloaded & listened, even if you don't really like it. Thanks for ya input. And it feels good to get heard & be able to survey the mixtape game here on MTT... One love, AyyDee

That is crazy, that I really

That is crazy, that I really think about it, mayne. It was a sign, homie lol. Nah, I'm just fuckin' wit ya. But, I came at you outlandish cuz, like I said..I was lettin' it get to me. But, I took it like a man. Once it again...I'm glad you got a chance to really vibe to it. Don't worry bout me, mayne...I can handle it...shit happens, ya know? You gotta do you regardless, right? AyyDee


I downloaded your tape yesterday and listened to it while i ran errands and such. I was surprised to be honest, you know rappers come a dime a dozen so I wasn't expecting much. You proved me wrong though, the first track came out the gates pretty hard. I really appreciated the fact your content catered to everyday people instead of drug dealers. Don't get me wrong I'll blast a Jeezy album in a heartbeat, I just don't agree with the lifestyle.Overall i liked most the songs on your tape and I look forward to the next one. Do yourself a favor though post your content on a sight with less e-thugs so you can actually get more constructive criticism vice bullshit remarks.

sh*t is cool mayne! keep it up fam

usmc1999 wrote:
I downloaded your tape yesterday and listened to it while i ran errands and such. I was surprised to be honest, you know rappers come a dime a dozen so I wasn't expecting much. You proved me wrong though, the first track came out the gates pretty hard. I really appreciated the fact your content catered to everyday people instead of drug dealers. Don't get me wrong I'll blast a Jeezy album in a heartbeat, I just don't agree with the lifestyle.Overall i liked most the songs on your tape and I look forward to the next one. Do yourself a favor though post your content on a sight with less e-thugs so you can actually get more constructive criticism vice bullshit remarks.
dude is right mayne sh*t is cool mayne! keep it up fam

Appreciate the support,

Appreciate the support, mayne. All feedback is welcome AyyDee

Ay, I bought Jeezy's

Ay, I bought Jeezy's album...got all T.I.'s albums...you know...I delve into the music...I don't really feel like I gotta spit about my past "mistakes", but it'll come out sometimes....because it's who I am...what I came up in...havin' to struggle to make it to the point I'm at now...but I don't glorify the lifestyle...I can relate to it, ya know? And I'm glad people can relate to me. Cuz, like I said..I'm an everyday dude. AyyDee
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Jesus............ A.D--- you've got 30 comments. How does it feel to be official "Mixtapetorrent.com Unsigned Hype"????

30, give or take 5, 6

30, give or take 5, 6 comments (by me lol) I gotta give a shout out to mfizzel...cuz he posted it up...I didn't even post on here...I just thought about it the day after I posted on another site...and saw it on here. I was like, that's cool. But, I honestly didn't think I would get feedback..especially not this positive. I appreciate it all though...I'm grateful. I'll try to give you guys somethin' you can really vibe with next time...full songs, produced by me. Might have some features...more than likely not. Mixtapetorrent can witness my growth. I plan on continuing my grind to get better at this. Thanks again to EVERYONE... 1 AyyDee
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AyyDee, "IF" i can b of any help.Bounce shit off, then let me know. I AM NOT ABOVE THAT, NOR do I admit i know everything. I am one person, out of millions whom love Prince in the crib, but wanna b hard and have Drama and Cannon in the car. Yeah, I know, call me weak, we all have all have a "weak side 2 us, even if we don't want to admit it" stroll up an u have my email and IM. I am willin 2 help. Real Talk. And yes, I do believe in "paying back 4 what I have done wrong." This is u'r dream, who the hell am I? My mother would kick me 10 times over for not offering. No matter what. Hit me up.Real Talk. 1

Good lookin' homie...stay

Good lookin' homie...stay up ---AyyDee

HATING all the crack heads

HATING all the crack heads spitting their stupid mind all day on this shit... go get a job
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shit breh

After reading all these comments and seeing what you had to say about the haters/ppl diggin' your own shit Im gonna cop this. Seems like you on some real shit. Ill comment something when im done listenin. stay up

I'm just like everybody

I'm just like everybody here..a normal dude...just tryna get my life heard...Thanks, fam ---AyyDee