Audiomuzic - Drake The Snake

Following up on his latest mixtape I'm Nobody Man, Audiomuzic lets loose his new single Drake The Snake

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dude all up on drakes dick

all up on it, more than bitches in the club! flow is so weak slow and boring... lyrics are pitiful..

First drake, than bieber. audiomuzic goes hard.

This guy loves beefing with Drake, a RnB artist. now that's gangsta. Brooklyn go hard! audiomuzik stand up for brooklyn. You representing your hood, make em proud. "get em girls..." Camron


The covers are funny as hell I think this guy is mad at pop culture still entertaining though Hope Oprah aint next
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ahaa what the fuckk is this!

ahaa what the fuckk is this!
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Is This Guy Serious?!?!

Who the fuck is this faggot? I hear nothing even worth puttin on wax. This dude is gonna feel stupid when all of Young Money gets on his dome. I'd boo this fool right off the street corner he's been "rappin" on, in his OWN hood!!! Forget about it, pass the mic to someone with conviction and heart and most of all TALENT!!!

we are rootin for you audio

we are rootin for you audio , hopefully we can stop this drake trend asap
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he already heard it

he already heard it


I read somewhere this dude Drake wants to leave Young Money and go get with them Roc Nation niggaz because Young Money is too "hood" for him?? Supposedly his mommy dont want him around all them gang affiliated niggaz overthere and drugs. If people think them lame azz, skinny jean wearing emos is thugz, they really dont know what they talkin about??

YOung Money is full of a bunch

of Disney fake gang man kissing freaks. Why would drake leave. He fits right in.


blackrome wrote:
of Disney fake gang man kissing freaks. Why would drake leave. He fits right in.
haha for real.. young money hood? thats funny.

Oh man..

This motha fucka tryna make another tape man... My dumb ass friends actually told me that he is one of the BEST RAPPERS. I almost fuckin shot them for sayin that shit. this nigga is absolutely horrible just like the rest of them whack ass young money bitches. Real talk 313 Motha Fucka

Whenever you feel like

Whenever you feel like growing up and getting out of that wannabe gangster phase that you're going thru little kid, us grown ups will be on that sophisticated & intelligent shit! I bet you have quite a bit of Justin Bieber on your iPod huh?
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this shit is retarded. sound

this shit is retarded. sound quality is ass. dude cant spit, no delivery. absolute trash

QUIT bein internet thugz you FLUNKIES!!!

All of you be hatin on Drake, prolly cus u jealous that he made it and you still pushing a 9to5 everyday! Dude is talented, way better than any of you babbage ass niggas!! Drake's gotta be doing something right considering his EP, So Far Gone, went gold and it WASN'T even an ALBUM! And then he topped the charts with his first actual album, Thank Me Later.. Everything dude touches blows up.. He may be new to the industry, but he clowning on the majority of these so-called, lame ass "veteran" artists... Drake is the NEW face of hip-hop music, so get wit it or get left behind all you FLUNKIEESSSS!


U must be one of Drake's groupies, soundz like u in luv with a nigga. "Drake is the NEW face of hip-hop music" really? How old are u 12?? LMAO! Newbie.

Don't get it twisted man..

Yeah I'm 12 which means ya moms must be a pedophile cus she can't stay off my dick homie.. Aint no groupie shit involved, I just respect dude. He had the balls to hit this industry with a new facade, and he was successful.. Point, blank, period.. Eh I can't help it if you still stuck on that immature wanna be gangsta/thug shit.. Most niggas that rap bout hustlin' n shit, ain't ever sold anything more than like an ounce of trees.. I realize that there are a few exceptions to that last sentence, like that nigga Yo Gotti for instance.. But most rappers are fuckin wannabe thugs that fraudulently rap bout that shit cus they think that's what's gonna get 'em paid.. But these days, gangsta rappers are a dime a dozen.. Artists like Kid Cudi, Drake, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Common, etc. are the real pioneers in today's industry..

lol is dat right??

The only half decent dude out of all them niggaz u just named is Wiz. I rather stick to old school than to listen to them other homos sing about love n shit.. Kid Cudi, are u serious?? Dat nigga is fucking wack! 1 hit wonder LOL!! Wale too. They might have lyrics but real niggaz dont fuck with them. Just females, and lil snotty nose kids like u who dont know no better.

This dude's cracking me..

This dude's cracking me.. What makes you think I'm some little kid? And as a matter of fact, them 'dudes' i mentioned are all ill.. Naw see old school and gangsta rap these days are 2 different things.. Don't act like you know wha that fuck u talkin bout bruh.. You prolly be listenin to some babbage ass shit like Lil Will or Soulja Boy.. I mean it's understandable that somebody like yourself, who probably didn't graduate high school or even get a GED would be into garbage ass "club bangers".. It's cool that you can't understand INTELLIGENT music.. You keep bumpin' dat Mike Jones bullshit, pussy...


This noob thinks he knows me after creating his account only 20 hours ago. Stick around maybe you'll get to know me a lil better and know where im coming from with this brah.. Newbie.


I know this posting is kinda old but did you really say that wiz is better than common?? yo wiz is garbage you cant compare someone like common(which is a true talent) to wiz, wiz falls more into the category of mediocre rappers like soulja boy and gucci...I Told Her Recognize Smith & Wesson
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WTF AUDIOBULLSHIT iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

LISTEN audioBULLSHIT LIKE THE YOUNG SWEET JONES SAID: 'fantasy to you, reality to me, and my g-pass is as valid as can be, im, im so fresh the stylist would agree, waving at your girl while she smiling back at me' accept that drizzy is going to be the fucking best rapper ever so shut that FUCK UP its better for you.............. NO HOMO

I dont know

I dont know I have a feeling about this dude call me nuts he got some balls though I can see why drake fans would be pissed
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it dont take much heart to diss drake bitch ass. *Fuck Your Comments*

geesh y u gotta be so mean

geesh y u gotta be so mean LOL
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This Taco Bell Steak Burrito

This Taco Bell Steak Burrito is killin!
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any artist who tries to

any artist who tries to jump-start their career by dissing another artist has already failed. *Don't change for the radio. CHANGE THE RADIO.*