Ab-Soul - Longterm 2: Lifestyles of the Broke & Almost Famous


01 Still A Regular Nigga Ft. Javonte (Prod By Sounwave)
02 No Pressure Ft Jay Rock (Prod By Statmajor)
03 Drift Away (Prod By Pro Logic)
04 Livin Like Ft. Rapper Big Pooh (Prod By Tommy Black)
05 House Party 5 (Prod By Sounwave)
06 Be A Man (Prod By Tae Beast)
07 Soul Cry (Prod By Willie B.)
08 Turn Me Up Ft. Kendrick Lamar (Prod By Tae Beast)
09 Passion Ft. Alori Joh (Prod By King Blue Of Sore Losers)
10 Bankrupt (Prod By Sounwave)
11 Mayday (Prod By Willie B.)
12 Rush (Prod By Tae Beast)
13 Pass The Blunt Ft. Schoolboy Q (Prod By King Blue)
14 My Dream Girl (Prod By Neffu)
15 Can Anybody Hear Me Ft. Punch (Prod By Tae Beast)
16 Long Term 2 (Prod By Curtiss King)
17 Budget Ballin Prod (Sounwave) (Bouns)
18 Thought It Was Love Ft (Sorelosers) (Bouns)

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Ririzzlm great great, finally.
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holy shit

some body lef dude you tryn to be a message and a link to this site its gonna be some shit in happy texas.....
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That Nigga Step Dad Gonna Beat His Ass...

He gon' look this site up and see all that shit his son been talkin' this whole time posin' as him. Dude posted up his dad's name and put pics of him up here and didn't think that some crazy ass nigga from this site might see the real Frosty and stomp the fuck outta him for no reason. You might never see Southwest log on again after his dad get done with him.
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HAHA Bole. Who ever said

HAHA Bole. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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so the mixtape.,.,yay or

so the mixtape.,.,yay or nay?---Jay ElecRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor
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ooooooooh juss read that

ooooooooh juss read that first page and what a twist! THAT PICTURE WAS OF ANOTHER GUY..THE WHOLE TIME! oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh---Jay ElecRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor
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This tape's pretty decent, interesting beats. 7/10. -what you smoking smell like pine, no that ain't dro-