DJ Envy - Hitlist 15

DJ Envy aka. The People's Choice drops the 15th Hit List & he gathers
up all the latest & best tracks, and he puts them on this mixtape that
features music from Joe Budden, Cassidy, Juelz Santana & Cam'ron,
Notorious BIG, Fabolous, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, Young Jeezy,
Elephant Man, Remy Martin, Lil' Easy E, Ne-Yo, Jae Millz & Jadakiss.

1 - Oh Yes (Mr. Postman) - Juelz Santana
2 - Have A Party - Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent & Nate Dogg
3 - Cassidy (The Anthem) - Cassidy
4 - Wassup - Joe Budden feat. Newz & A-Team
5 - Running Your Mouth - Notorious B.I.G. feat. Fabolous, Foxy Brown, Busta Rhymes & Snoop Dogg
6 - It's Nothing - Cam'ron feat. Juelz Santana
7 - Touch It - Busta Rhymes
8 - Conceited - Remy Ma
9 - Heard Em Say - Kanye West feat. Adam Levine
10 - Heard Em Say - Sheek
11 - Nasty Girl - Notorious B.I.G. feat. Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery Storm
12 - Yo (Excuse Me Miss) - Chris Brown

Benzino and Mays Avoid Being Tossed From The Source

The Source Magazine founder David Mays and his partner/president Raymond "Benzino" Scott narrowly avoided being forced out by the magazine's new board of directors yesterday.

According to the New York Post, The Source board, now controlled by executives friendly to the Graves family that owns Black Enterprise magazine, attempted to boot Mays and Scott yesterday (January 12). However, the defiant execs both obtained a restraining order from a judge in New Jersey to temporarily block their dismissal.

Black Enterprise/Greenwich Street Corporate Growth Partners, a private investment firm started by the family of Black Enterprise Magazine founder Earl Graves, Sr. and his son, Earl "Butch Graves, Jr., the CEO of Black Enterprise Publications, gave The Source $12 million in return for a minority position and seats on the board of directors.

Last year The Source went into default on an $18 million loan by Textron Financial Partners, a lender that was introduced to Mays and Scott by the Black Enterprise executives. On Oct. 31, Textron asked the company to be placed into receivership as part of a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court.

DJ Ideal - UTP: The Movement Vol. 2

DJ Ideal is on the case for the follow-up to We On Bubble and he has
the New Orleans' Magnolia Boy Juvenile hosting this mixtape jumpoff.
The Movement continues on this crazy new joint with all-exclusive sh*t
from Juve & UTP, including new freestyles & tracks the crew members
Skip & Wacko + cameos by Trey Songz, Aretha Franklin, Cool & Dre.

1 - DJ Ideal & Juvenile - Intro
2 - Juvenile - Act You Know Me
3 - Juvenile - Got That Work
4 - Skip & Wacko - Keep Talking Out The Side of Your Mouth
5 - Juvenile Shout To Da Bottom Hood's
6 - Juvenile - Break A Brick Down (produced by Cool & Dre)
7 - Juvenile - Get Your Hustle On
8 - Juvenile - We Rock Like That
9 - Skip - Keep Actin'
10 - Back That Ass Up Interlude 1
11 - Wacko feat. PNC - Why Oh Why
12 - Juvenile - Come Out Yo' Laundry (remix)
13 - Juvenile The New Orleans Truth
14 - Wacko - Two Step
15 - In Ya Skit
16 - Black & Stone - Life of A D-Boy

DJ Cool Breeze - The Return of the Hot Boys

DJ Cool Breeze puts the Hotz Boys back together, at least in the
mixtape form, with this bangin' Cash Money-inspired mixtape featuring
all-new tracks from Lil' Wayne, B.G., Juvenile and Turk. Taking you
back to 1999 when these four assembled one of rap's baddest stable
of rappers. This mix features new tracks/remixes from the ex-crew...

1 - Intro - Lil' Wayne Speaks
2 - Best Rapper Alive - Lil' Wayne
3 - Trill - B.G. feat. Paul Wall and Bun B
4 - Rodeo - Juvenile
5 - Club Interlude - B.G.
6 - However Whatever - B.G. feat. Soulja Slim
7 - Fly As The Sky - Lil' Wayne, Chamillionaire and Rasaq
8 - Get Ya Hustle On - Juvenile
9 - Drag Em (Part 2) - B.G and UNLV
10 - Who Need a B - Juvenile, Bun B and Too Short
11 - Mackin and Pimpin - Turk and Kenoe
12 - I'm Wit Whateva - Lil' Wayne, Notorious BIG, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones
13 - Nutt Check - Lil' Wayne and Jody Breeze
14 - Animal - Juvenile

Hip Hop Charts - Jan. 12th '06

In this week's Hip-Hop charts, Eminem comes out on top, Biggie rolls with the punches, and The Black Eyed Peas continue to lock down the top ten.

Em is at it again this week, dominating the Hip-Hop scene at the #3 spot. After only a 5-week spin-off, the hits compilation Curtain Call has pushed a total of 1,490,978 units. His air-play has not diminished, and is still receiving a heavy response from his devoted fans. The lead single for the album, "When I'm Gone," has pushed another 109,082 copies this week.

Slippin' a few slots to #7 is the Notorious B.I.G with his Duets Album. The grown-and-sexy sizzler "Nasty Girl" is still bangin' it out, helping the Brooklyn kid shed 73,617 CDs this week. After 3 weeks on the charts, Biggie has hip-hopped his way to a total of 662,431 units.

Still standing strong at the #9 spot is The Black Eyed Peas. After a slammin' 31 weeks, the Peas continue to regulate the business, selling a total of 3,099,753 records. This week, the magnificent four have brought in a week-in total of 62,502 units. Even with a blazin' 97,456 copies sold last week, they still managed to have the game on criminal lock-down this week, impressively qualifying them for a slot in the top ten. The Peas won't stop and won't quit, keeping the lumps large and in-charge at triple-platinum status.

Lil Wayne Interview with

While his one-time Hot Boy brothers are artfully planning comebacks, Wayne is reigning from a higher plain. Moreover, Lil' Wayne is on top of the Hip-Hop game right now. He’s still on Cash Money, still riding with Baby, and still not afraid to speak his mind outright.

With his critically acclaimed fifth album - Tha Carter II - debuting at number two in the Billboard charts, Weezy has rose from a regional hero to a nationwide superstar. But how did this epic transformation take place? decided to find out, as Birdman Jr. discusses his newfound popularity, as well as the conflict brewing with his former running mates Juvenile and B.G. While the trio has differences personally and professionally, they also share different views on Hurricane Katrina. Three of New Orleans’ greatest back-to-back…read for yourself.
Tha Carter II has been getting critical acclaim from everywhere, as people are calling it one of the best albums of the year, so how does it feel to get this amount of love from the album?

B.G. Interview with

Like many of the reigning kings of late 90’s Southern rap, B.G.’s career has been in a bit of limbo. Like his Hot Boy brother Juvenile, BG’s reach was never as far as when he had the Cash Money Records tattoos out and the label on the album. The three Koch releases since found cult fans, but lacked one-tenth of the punch of his “Bling Bling� bolstered Chopper City In The Ghetto seven years earlier.

With a potential G-Unit record contract on the table, B.G. is looking to raise the stakes again. He’s reunited with father-figure producer, Mannie Fresh. B.G. has also been active in upholding fallen No Limit star, Souljah Slim’s legacy. Even in touching on issues such as Hurricane Katrina and his sobriety, BG carries himself more seriously than. Going into the mixtape, “The Heart of the Streets Volume 2�, get an inside look as and B.G. have a very real discussion on the future, the past, and the Almighty.
Let’s cut to the chase - are you really signing to G-Unit?

DJ Drama & Dame Dash - The Ultimate Hustler Mixtape

DJ Drama is recruited by Mr. Cakeaholic Dame Dash to host this major
Dash Co. jumpoff mixtape promoting his highly-anticipated new TV show
coming out on BET called "The Ultimate Hustler." This exclusive mixtape
is packed w/ freestyles & exclusives by T.I./P$C, Slim Thug, Killer Mike,
Lil' Wayne, Pharrell, Grafh, Smitty, Bun B, 50 Cent, Jeezy & Slick Pulla.

1 - Dame Dash- Intro
2 - Twista & Pharrell - Lavish
3 - Dame Dash's Definition of a Hustler
4 - Peedi Peedi & Bun B - Hound Dogs
5 - Juelz Santana - Tick Tock
6 - T.I., Jae Millz, Slim Thug - Head Popped Off
7 - Dame Dash Speaks
8 - 50 Cent - Window Shoppin
9 - Smitty - Round 2
10 - T.I., P$C, Young Dro - Doin It
11 - Dame Dash - Life Is The Dash
12 - Killer Mike & Ice Cube - Bad Day Worst Day (remix)
13 - Pharrell - Elevators
14 - Slim Thug, Jeezy, Slick Pulla, Killa Kyleon - Diamonds (remix)
15 - Dame Dash Gets Inspired By Jacob

Jay-Z vs. Nas - Who Won This Classic Battle?

29% (1804 votes)
71% (4348 votes)
Total votes: 6152

MTV's Mixtape Monday Jan. 9th '06

Artists: Ghostface and Trife Da God

Staten Island

Put It on the Line

This album went totally under the radar when it was released during the Christmas holiday. Ghost and his protégé Trife Da God released it to some mom and pop stores and are letting word of mouth push it. Originally, Ghost and Trife were supposed to release the joint LP From Stapleton to Somalia on Koch but the two never finished recording it for a slew of reasons, one being that Ghost had to finish up his next solo opus for Def Jam (he's done now). With some songs already in the can from another album they were recording, Ghost and Trife paired those with some of the finished joints from From Stapleton to Somalia and even slipped in a few Ghost classics to make Put It on the Line (which is really more of an indie album than a mixtape, in that it contains songs instead of freestyles). Trife has been featured on several tracks alongside Ghost in the past but has been finding it difficult to avoid being overshadowed by Ghost's ingenious abundance of rhymes, flow and personality. Trife does get to shine here, though, with his own solo tracks and an improved mic attack when he raps with Ghost. Meanwhile, Tony Starks may be the best storyteller in the game right now — just listen to songs like "Struggle" and "Project Soap Opera."

DJ Kay Slay: Look Both Ways Before You Cross Me (Hosted by Jim Jones)

DJ Kay Slay goes straight gangsta with his peoples Jim Jones of the
mighty Diplomats crew. Breaking in more than 20 new street anthems &
exclusive freestyles, The Drama King and Dipset's Capo bring new heat
from Papoose & Mobb Deep, Raekwon & Busta Rhymes, The Diplomats,
Cassidy, Stack Bundles, Memphis Bleek, Too Short, Ghostface & more.

1 - Jim Jones Intro
2 - Papoose - A Threat & A Promise
3 - Jim Jones - To High To Get Over
4 - Raekwon feat. Busta Rhymes - State Of Grace (remix)
5 - Papoose feat. Mobb Deep - License To Kill (remix)
6 - Ghostface feat. Ne-Yo - Back Like That
7 - DJ Kay Slay feat. Cam'ron, Jim Jones & Juelz Santana - Drama Gang
8 - Jim Jones feat. Stack Bundles & Max B - Cold Rockin'
9 - Jim Jones - Love Of My Life
10 - Cassidy - Cassidy (The Anthem)
11 - Prinz - Gun Talk
12 - Raekwon - No Joke
13 - Jim Jones feat. Mel Matrix - New York City Boyz
14 - Max B - Money Ain't A Thing

DJ Absolut: Pay-Per-View

DJ Absolut, of Hot 97 and Heavy Hitters fame, puts it down live in the
mix with another hip-hop mixtape of rap's biggest heavyweights. With
24 all-new tracks & exclusive freestyles, this joint features the last of
Cassidy before he got locked up + new joints by Mobb Deep, Jay-Z w/
Nas & Ghostface, J.R. Writer, 50 Cent, Remy Martin, Grafh, Saigon...

1 - How To Make An Intro - Back At It
2 - Mobb Deep - Rap Shit 2 The Death
3 - Mobb Deep - I'm On It
4 - Jay-Z, Nas & Ghostface - Exclusive
5 - Nucci Reyo feat. J R Writer - We Can Ride (remix)
6 - J.R. Writer - Freestyle
7 - Cassidy - The Last Freestyle
8 - Cassidy - Full Surface
9 - Ghostface & Trife - Fire
10 - Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent - The Infamous
11 - Remy Martin - Freestyle
12 - Remy Martin - Freestyle
13 - Lloyd Banks feat. Tony Yayo - My Hood
14 - Saigon & Grafh - I Aint No Joke
15 - Grafh - LIVE Freestyle
16 - AZ - Game Of Life

DJ Ideal, Ludacris & DTP: The DTP Mixtape

DJ Ideal represents for the entire Disturbin' Tha Peace aka. D.T.P.
as special host Ludacris brings along the whole crew to help jump off
the new DTP debut compilation Ludacris Presents...DTP. Alongside the
entire DTP, including Bobby Valentino, Shawnna, Playaz Circle, Field
Mob, I-20, Sharifa and Norfclk, Ideal shows you how they do it in ATL.

1 - Ludacris & DJ Ideal - Intro
2 - Ludacris feat. Field Mob - Georgia
3 - Ludacris New Orleans - Interlude
4 - Shawnna - Still Tippin - Freestyle
5 - Ludacris feat. Redman & Ghostface Killa - Future Thug
6 - Smoke (Field Mob) feat. Stat Quo - Come N See Me
7 - I-20 feat. Young Buck & Ludacris - How The Hell
8 - Bobby Valentino - Freaky
9 - Bobby Valentino Speaks
10 - Field Mob feat. Bone Crusher - Deep Tonite
11 - Ms. Shyneka Hot 107.9 - Interlude
12 - Shawnna - Gettin Some Head
13 - Three-6-Mafia Checks In
14 - Playaz Circle feat. Three-6-Mafia - Fresh Out Da Spot

Big Mike, DJ Premier & Teflon: Bad News

Big Mike and hip-hop legend DJ Premier team up to bring you Primo's
own artist Teflon and his official mixtape debut. Packing some of that
NY underground heat, Tef drops this mixtape before his anticipated LP
Contraband and the streets are watching. Featuring new production by
DJ Premier + remixes including M.O.P., Busta Rhymes, Remy Martin.

1 - Teflon - Welcome Back
2 - Teflon - Showtime
3 - Teflon - Tef's Def Jam
4 - Teflon - What Gansters Do
5 - Teflon - For The Love
6 - Teflon feat. M.O.P. - Instigator
7 - Teflon feat. M.O.P. & Jay Z - Alarm Blaze
8 - Teflon - Rugged Terrain
9 - Teflon - Certified Gorilla
10 - Teflon - Cold World
11 - Teflon - PSA Freestyle
12 - Teflon, M.O.P., Busta Rhymes & Remy Ma - Ante Up (remix)
13 - Teflon - The Boss Freestyle
14 - Teflon - Let The Shells Burn
15 - Teflon - High As F@ck
16 - Teflon - Teflon Is Back Freestyle
17 - Teflon - The Fix Freestyle

DJ Drama & Saigon - Welcome to Saigon

| |

Saigon aka. The Yardfather has been a monster in the mixtape game for a minute now. Known amongst hip-hop fans as one of the hardest lyricists in the game, this Brooklyn native perfected his rhyme style while locked up a couple years ago. As soon as he got out, he started killing the mixtape circuit (including the releases The Yardfather and On The Go Back). Since then, the Abandoned Nation general has stayed blessing the streets with his patented conscious gutter raps. Saigon's skillz landed him a deal with super-producer Just Blaze and his Fort Knox Entertainment to house his debut album The Greatest Story Never Told. With DJ Drama bringing his Gangsta Grillz brand to NYC for the first time, this mixtape is the official prelude to one of the most anticipated albums of 2006. So cop the mixtape and then wait for Saigon to take hip-hop to a higher level.

1. "Return To NYC" Intro
2. Saigon Theme
3. Saigon Speaks