DJ Ill WIll, Digital Product, DJ Maaleek Present MDK - If You Dont Know Now You Know

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Los Angeles' own & Iraqi War Veteran Mr. Dont Know, with the support of members
from Black Wall Street, and his own crew Independent Sqawd has recently released
his new mixtape titled "IF YOU DONT KNOW NOW YOU KNOW". Mr. Don't Knows' first
mixtape, "Live from Iraq" which is compiled with music that was recorded in Iraq
while Mr. Dont Know himself was on active duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom,
set the backdrop for the releases of "BARZ 4 DAYZ" "E.N.D.O." and his latest

Just returning from the LAX world tour, he is back yet again with those same
pistol grip pump lyrics that got him recognized by Black Wall Streets main man
"The Game". Now after numerous mixtape appearances leading roles in MTV videos
and an MTV News interview, his militant style and L.A. swagger continue to get
fans all over the world excited about hip hop once again.

Fueled off the steam from the LAX World Tour with "The Game" , "IF YOU DONT KNOW
NOW YOU KNOW" is nothing but the continuation of the true tales of a man from
the hood who has been across the globe ready to share his experiences with the
masses. "IF YOU DONT KNOW NOW YOU KNOW" is a new angle for Hip Hop: Real life
thru life experiences, coming from hustling and hard work. With a track list
that is comprised with all original beats, "IF YOU DONT KNOW NOW YOU KNOW" is
setting a new standard for quality and work ethic in the ever abundant world of
generic mixtapes.

01) If You Dont Know Now You Know
02) Hustle And Grind
03) Only Way That I Know
04) Everyday Of The Week
05) Grindin Till We Die Ft Enstinctz
06) Westcoast Gutta Ft Enstinctz Unleashed
07) You See Me Ft Enstinctz Unleashed
08) Fuck How You Feel Ft Enstinctz Unleashed
09) Feelin Myself
10) Im The Man
11) You Know Whats Up Ft Enstinctz Unleashed
12) Money Hungry Ft Enstinctz Unleashed
13) Dont Be Mad
14) Quite Clear Ft Enstinctz Unleashed
15) Single Ladies
16) Im On It Ft Badnews
17) Mr Dont Know
18) Put Ya Hands Up
19) Feel This Way

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