Don Cannon

Kia Shine - The Alarm Clock Theory (Hosted By Don Cannon)

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Don Cannon & Young Dro - RIP

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Don Cannon & Young Chris - The Network

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Don Cannon & Juice - Position Of Power

| | And DJ Don Cannon Presents - Cool Guys Always Finish First

| | in conjunction with DJ Don Cannon present "Cool Guys Always Finish
First," the free downloadable mixtape. It celebrates the cool guys that you
always looked up to as a kid whether it was your older cousin, crazy uncle,
Dwayne Wayne or Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair.

It features an ensemble of today's coolest artists with exclusive tracks from
Freck Billionaire, Fly.Union, Pacific Division, Naledge (Kidz in the Hall),
Curren$y, Al Fatz, Ray Cash and Little Brother among others.

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