DJ Smallz - Best Thing Smokin 15

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1. (00:04:17) Dj Khaled Feat. Lil' Wayne, Ri - Out Here Grindin'
2. (00:04:07) Shawty Lo Feat. Birdman, Rick - Foolish (Remix)
3. (00:05:52) Lil' Wayne Feat. Kanye West & - Lollipop (Remix)
4. (00:05:20) Young Jeezy Feat. Kanye West - I Put On
5. (00:05:10) T.I. - No Matter What
6. (00:03:44) Gucci Mane - Never Too Much
7. (00:01:24) Young Jeezy - Ready To Roll
8. (00:03:57) Lil' Wayne Feat. T-Pain - I Got Money
9. (00:03:03) Birdman Feat. Lil' Wayne - I Run This (Remix)
10. (00:03:44) Yung L.A. Feat T.I. & Young Dr - Ain't I (Remix)
11. (00:03:03) Allstar Feat. Yo Gotti & Young - Grind Hard (Remix)
12. (00:04:15) Jackie Chan Feat. Attitude, Ri - Rollin' (Remix)
13. (00:04:42) Young Cash Feat. Gucci Mane & - Ask Me If I Give A Fuck
14. (00:04:43) Kinfolk Kia Shine Feat. 8Ball - Kush
15. (00:03:24) Big Pokey Feat. Trae & Slim Th - Boss Hoggin'
16. (00:03:16) Yung Chase Feat. Paul Wall & S - I'm Bout
17. (00:01:52) Slim Thug & Boss Hogg Outlawz - Ride Wit No Ceiling
18. (00:04:43) Bun B Feat. Rick Ross, David B - You're Everything
19. (00:03:53) Mike Jones Feat. Lil' Wayne, T - Cutty Buddy
20. (00:04:20) Plies Feat. Jaime Foxx & The D - Please Excuse My Hands
21. (00:01:08) Blood Raw Feat. Young Jeezy & - Chevy Boyz

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real rapper let a real mc bring you 52 weeks of the truth

i used to listen to this

i used to listen to this nigga all the time back in the day but to tell you the truth wayne fell the fuk off all he say r punchlines he dont make no dam sense and that shit he doin wit his voice is homo!! I KEEPS IT REAL , WUTANG!!

man Smallz need to get up on

man Smallz need to get up on things....all these songs have been out...DJ smallz ain't where i'm hearin these songs first.

Whats everyones big beef

Whats everyones big beef with lil wayne?? All hes doin is makin music, im pretty sure he doesnt really give a f*** what all you noocs have to say about him.. especially since you all just get his music for free.. including his new cd.. Get real yall... seriously.. lil waynes great.. why dont you go listen to papoose or gUnIt or whatever the fuck is still commin out every week.... Besides lil wayne aint NO good music come out on a regular basis.. Sure jay z's great sure nas is great.... but who gives a fuck, lil waynes cool as shit... he spits mad ryhmes and he comes out with new shit all the time.. SO f*** all you haters... And him dissen the djs??? Obviously he was dissin those dumb sh*ts... there the reason everyone complaining about seeing the same lil wayne song on every mixtape... it aint his fault you idoits! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!